Online Learning

Accessing Course Content

You can access the content for any D2L course by logging into D2L, after which it will open to your My Home page. From there, complete the steps provided here to access course content.


You can submit individual assignments and group assignments through the the course dropbox. Click here to learn how. 

Quizzes Tool in D2L

The Quizzes tool in D2L is where you take any assessments the instructor has provided for you. For directions, click here.

Discussions in D2L

The Discussions tool in D2L is an online collaboration area consisting of forums and topics within forums. You can find more information, including directions, by accessing the UCO D2L Student Quick Start guide.

Viewing Grades

When your grades are published, they appear on your personal Grades page in the course. Depending on how your grades are set up, you might also be able to view comments and overall class performance statistics.