Alumni Office Information

A Brief History of the Alumni House

The house that is now home to the UCO Alumni Relations Office and UCO Alumni Association was built in 1907.  The home was a personal residence for almost 20 years until a UCO professor bought the house.  The professor rented out the upstairs bedrooms to UCO students.  That arrangement was held for nearly another 20 years.

The house has changed owners seven times since it was built.  In the early 1980's, the house was operated as a Tea and Antique Room.  Some may remember it as "Aunt Bee's Attic".  In the late 1980's, the university purchased the home and it was used as a faculty and staff restaurant called the "University House".  The house closed in 2000 and stayed dormant for several years. In 2004 renovations to the house began and in July, the house officially opened as the Alumni Relations Office.

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