Preparing for Travel

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Early preparation is the key to a successful trip!

  • Funding
    • Contact your Dean, Chair, or Financial Manager(s) for funding information; (i.e. organizational numbers and amounts).
  • Information
    • Gather information as early as possible for the conference, meeting, etc. Conference dates, and agenda.
  • Registration
    • Dates for early bird cost, and deadlines. Is the registration being paid by you, your department PCard, or by purchase order?
  • Hotel
    • Hotel location and designated lodging rate per night, including taxes. Is the hotel being paid by you, your department PCard, or by purchase order?
  • Transportation
    • Decide on mode of transportation; Flying or Driving? Are you purchasing your airfare, or is the University going to direct pay for it?
    • If you are driving, you must get an airline quote. The amount reimbursed will be the lowest cost of the two.
      • For an airline quote, contact one of these approved agencies, for the lowest coach fare.
    • Decide on the local transportation once you arrive (taxi, shuttle, bus, train, etc.)
      • Note: Rental cars for Out of State Travel must be approved by your department before the travel, and noted on the request.
      • A cost comparison must be done to show justification for renting a car for local transportation.

 For questions, please e-mail or contact the travel office.

In-State Documents

Out-of-State Documents