Alternative Transportation Programs

The Department of Transportation and Parking Services encourages and supports alternative modes of transportation. We offer a variety of programs to help reduce your carbon footprint, save you fuel and money, and reduce the hassle of finding parking.


Join a carpool group to save money on gas, time, and the price of a permit! For more information visit our carpool page.

Carpool Connections

If you need help finding people to carpool to and from campus with visit our page explaining GetAroundOk; a free service that will match users to others with similar commutes!

BronchoLink/CityLink Transit

UCO Transportation and Parking Services has partnered with the City of Edmond to provide specific bus routes to the UCO community. For more information visit our Broncholink page.

Bum-a-Bike Service

Check out a bicycle free of charge for up to two-weeks! A new page explaining all of the details regarding our Bum-a-Bike program will be active soon. In the meantime, for more information call or stop by the TPS office at 405-974-2780, Nigh University Center 309A.