Carpool Lot

Lot 10 will operate as the Carpool Lot, allowing a predetermined number of motor vehicles to park each day during its defined operating hours. The Carpool Lot allows a vehicle displaying a valid UCO COMMUTER or FACULTY/STAFF permit and containing two or more persons when entering to park in the Carpool Lot. The Parking Regulations specific to this program are as follows:

  • All existing Parking Regulations must be followed
  • The entry and exit point is at the Northeast corner of Lot 10
  • Pull up to the booth at the Carpool Lot entry point. Collect Carpool Lot ticket from attendee
  • Give ticket to attendee when exiting
  • There is no drop-off entry or in-and-out use allowed
  • Passengers must commute to campus with driver. No on-campus pick-ups allowed
  • Carpooling passengers cannot own a HOUSING permit 
  • A minimum number of parking spaces will be reserved for Carpool parkers daily; however, TPS reserves the right to close the Carpool Lot without advance notice at any time