Metered Parking Regulations:

Parking in metered areas is subject to the time limitation imposed by the meter. Everyone must pay meters during the hours of enforcement. The hours of enforcement at the Lillard Administration Building (Lot 24) are 7am to 4pm After 4pm, UCO requires a valid parking permit in lieu of paying the meter. UCO enforces the meters at the Chambers Library (Lot 31) during the hours of Library operation or during the hours indicated on the signs. There are no exceptions for permits at the Library after 4pm

All meters have a one-hour limit. The current rate is 5 cents for 6 minutes, 10 cents for 12 minutes, 25 cents for 30 minutes or 50 cents for one hour. Meters will not exceed one hour. Enforcement staff will not turn handles or feed meters. Excess coins dropped in the meters are non-refundable. Metered parking is not intended for use by students or employees from 7am - 4pm in Lot 24.

Please Note: Vehicles parked in metered spaces where the meter time has expired shall be subject to an "expired meter" citation for each subsequent hour that the vehicle occupies the space.