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Rules & Regulations Explained

General Parking Regulations

Parking Lot Stipulations

Metered Parking Regulations

Visitor & Guest Parking Regulations

Carpool Lot

Rules & Regulations Explained

The Board of Regents of the University of Central Oklahoma (hereinafter referred to as UCO) has determined that it is in the best interest of the University that rules and regulations be established and enforced to govern the keeping and use of motor vehicles by UCO employees, students, visitors, and other categories of users on campus.

Accordingly, University Administration has developed and instituted these Parking Regulations to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of business and to allocate the limited parking space available on campus.

Operating a motor vehicle on UCO property is a privilege, which is conditioned, in part, on compliance with these rules and regulations.

The objectives of these Parking Regulations are:

  • To facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business.
  • To allocate parking space as conveniently as possible for all user groups within the limits of the spaces available and the priorities assigned.
  • To ensure access always for emergency equipment/vehicles.
  • To minimize traffic disturbance during class hours.

These regulations apply to all persons operating a vehicle on campus. UCO defines the campus as the area bounded by University Drive on the north and west, Second Street on the south, and Bauman and Chartrand Streets on the east. This boundary includes parking Lot 2 and the space to the south (previously identified as Broncho I and II Apartments), Central Plaza, and the housing units located on Washington Street (Broncho IV). Also, properties at 320 Hurd Street, the corner of Jackson and Campbell Streets and any properties leased by UCO and signed/designated as such.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to follow the Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) Parking Regulations as a condition of admittance, continued attendance, and/or employment according to UCO policies. Purchasing a UCO Parking Decal indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of these Parking Regulations.

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General Parking Regulations:

The operation of a motor vehicle or bicycle on the UCO campus is a PRIVILEGE granted by the university and is not an inherent right of any faculty/staff member, student, or visitor. All faculty, staff, students, and visitors who have vehicles in their possession or control - for use, operation, or parking on the university campus - must apply for a decal with TPS. Purchasing a parking decal signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking a vehicle on university property and does not guarantee a parking place on campus.

 It is the responsibility of any vehicle operator to request information needed from Transportation and Parking Services (hereinafter referred to as TPS) to correct any special circumstances regarding their individual needs in a prompt manner and before a citation is issued.

TPS provides a copy of the Parking Regulations to each individual upon request and are readily available at the service counter. Pleading ignorance of the regulations will not excuse violators or citations.

Any person who persists in repeated violations of the Parking Regulations, damages property or commits any act detrimental to the safety of others or to the best interests of the UCO community will be subject to cancellation and confiscation of his/her parking decal and revocation of all parking privileges. TPS will refer students to the Vice President of Student Services, and will refer faculty members and staff to the Vice President of Administration for an appeal process. A person so involved may apply for another decal only on the written recommendation of the Vice President of Student Services or Vice President of Administration.

Only parking decals issued or authorized by UCO TPS are valid and will be honored. Such substitutes as signs or decals issued by others, hand-written notes left on the exterior of a vehicle, etc., are unacceptable, and will not be honored by enforcement personnel.


UCO allocates all parking spaces to a specific user group and parking decals are available for each category of user.

  • Parking is on a first come, first served basis.

  • The issuance of a parking decal is merely authorization to park if space is available.

  • The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

  • Lack of space in a particular lot is not a valid excuse for violating parking regulations.

  • The operator must park only in those spaces or areas allocated and designated for the type of decal displayed on their vehicle.

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Parking Lot Stipulations:

UCO restricts all students and faculty/staff to parking in their designated parking lots from 7am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. After 4pm and on weekends, all lots are multipurpose unless designated for special use such as disabled, child services, or 24-hour reserved for housing and faculty/staff. Signs designate parking spaces at the entry to each lot or at each row of split use lots. Unauthorized vehicles parked in a reserved parking space are subject to impoundment at the owner's expense and a parking citation.

UCO allows parking only within a valid parking space in the parking area shown on the map. A valid parking space is defined as parallel lines on both sides of the vehicle and/or a line, curb, parking block or other type of barrier in front of the vehicle. Parking on striped areas or areas not marked for parking will result in a citation and/or impoundment at owner's expense.

Persons may not double-park or park vehicles in a position that prevents adjacent vehicles from entering or exiting a legal parking space.

The owner-of-record or the individual registering a vehicle with UCO is responsible for all UCO parking citations issued against that vehicle no matter the identity of the driver at the time of the violation.

UCO prohibits the parking of motor vehicles on campus in areas other than those established for parking and by marked signs or other devices controlling their use.

TPS may suspend enforcement of any or all UCO Parking Regulations throughout the campus or in selected areas at any time.

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Metered Parking Regulations:

Parking in metered areas is subject to the time limitation imposed by the meter. Everyone must pay meters during the hours of enforcement. The hours of enforcement at the Lillard Administration Building (Lot 24) are 7am to 4pm After 4pm, UCO requires a valid parking decal in lieu of paying the meter. UCO enforces the meters at the Chambers Library (Lot 31) during the hours of Library operation or during the hours indicated on the signs. There are no exceptions for decals at the Library after 4pm

All meters have a one-hour limit. The current rate is 25 cents for 30 minutes or 50 cents for one hour. Meters will not exceed one hour. Enforcement staff will not turn handles or feed meters. Excess coins dropped in the meters are non-refundable. Metered parking is not intended for use by students or employees from 7am - 4pm in Lot 24.

Please Note: Vehicles parked in metered spaces where the meter time has expired shall be subject to an "expired meter" citation for each subsequent hour that the vehicle occupies the space.

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Visitor & Guest Parking Regulations:

UCO defines a visitor as any person unaffiliated with the UCO as an employee, student, vendor, office occupant, or tenant.

Visitor decals are available for one day at no charge at the TPS Office on the third floor of the NUC or the campus Public Safety building on University Drive (phone at 974-2345).

Certain spaces and areas on campus are set aside for use by visitors; these areas have been located for maximum visitor convenience and are identified by signs at entry points. UCO requires that visitors and conference members use the pay-to-park lot east of the NUC (Lot 10), metered areas at the Lillard Administration Building (Lot 24) or designated visitor parking (and a valid visitor decal is required). Any vehicle displaying a valid UCO Visitor Decal can park in any COMMUTER, FACULTY/STAFF, HOUSING, and MULTIPURPOSE parking lot.

UCO expects and requires visitors to abide by properly signed or marked parking restrictions.

Visitors receiving a parking citation should call or write TPS for further information. There may be a $5.00 administrative charge on visitors who repeatedly fail to register their vehicle with TPS while parked on campus.

Visitor decals are available for purchase at the TPS Office at the rate of $7.50 a week. The decal must be clearly displayed from the rearview mirror and the vehicle must be parked in a marked parking space. Visitor decals are not valid in any space designated for special use.

Visitor decals are NOT valid in metered areas (meters must be paid) or the NUC pay-to-park lot.

Faculty/staff must obtain visitor decals for their guests. Quantities in excess of one decal or valid for more than one day may require purchase at the service counter or by an On Campus Service Request & Payment Authorization. Groups of five (5) or more may be restricted to the NUC pay-to-park lot. Please see a service representative at the TPS Office to make arrangements.

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Carpool Lot:

Lot 10 will operate as the Carpool Lot, allowing a predetermined number of motor vehicles to park each day during its defined operating hours. The Carpool Lot allows a vehicle displaying a valid UCO COMMUTER or FACULTY/STAFF decal and containing two or more persons when entering to park in the Carpool Lot. The Parking Regulations specific to this program are as follows:

  • All existing Parking Regulations must be followed

  • The entry and exit point is at the Northeast corner of Lot 10

  • Pull up to the booth at the Carpool Lot entry point. Collect Carpool Lot ticket from attendee

  • Give ticket to attendee when exiting

  • There is no drop-off entry or in-and-out use allowed

  • Passengers must commute to campus with driver. No on-campus pick-ups allowed

  • Carpooling passengers cannot own a HOUSING decal 

  • A minimum number of parking spaces will be reserved for Carpool parkers daily; however, TPS reserves the right to close the Carpool Lot without advance notice at any time

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