Parking Map

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All parking lots on campus are reserved.  TPS reserves the right to change lot usage to accommodate special circumstances.

COMMUTER Parking Decal – Persons not living on campus must display a COMMUTER decal that allows parking in any area designated for COMMUTER parking or MULTIPERMIT parking. Persons living in Broncho Apartments must display a COMMUTER decal at all times. From 4 p.m. – 7 a.m., COMMUTER decals are valid in designated FACULTY/STAFF parking lots. COMMUTER decals are never valid in 24-HOUR FACULTY/STAFF or HOUSING lots.

HOUSING Parking Decal – Persons housed in Central Plaza, Commons, Murdaugh Hall, Suites, and West Hall must display a HOUSING decal that allows parking in lots designated for HOUSING and MULTIPERMIT parking. UCO has determined and implemented a minimum ratio of 1.5:2 (parking spaces to bed ratio). Housing parking is reserved 24 hours a day for HOUSING decals only. HOUSING decals are valid in COMMUTER, and some FACULTY/STAFF lots from 4 p.m. – 7 a.m. HOUSING decals are never valid in 24-hour FACULTY/STAFF parking lots.

FACULTY/STAFF Parking Decal – Persons displaying a FACULTY/STAFF decal are allowed to park in areas designated for FACULTY/STAFF or MULTIPERMIT parking and COMMUTER parking from 4 p.m. - 7 a.m. Only those presenting a valid faculty/staff ID will be issued a faculty/staff parking decal. Persons parking in Lots 26 and 27 will need a gate access card to gain entry from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Cards are available at the TPS Office.

- Employees with outstanding campus debt are required to pay the debt in full prior to obtaining a parking decal. Employees needing to pay a debt can do so online through UCONNECT or at the Bursar Counter in person.

- Other individuals may not use faculty/staff parking decals. Unauthorized users may receive a $100.00 fine.

- When a faculty/staff member is processing out of UCO for resignation, retirement, or termination action, they must return the parking decal to the TPS Office or Employment Services Office.

MOTORCYCLE Parking Decal – Motorcycles must display a valid MOTORCYCLE decal, placed on the front fork or on an approved decal holder. Decal must be placed where it can be easily seen. Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle parking. Motorcycles must pay metered parking. Meters do not have to be paid at Lillard Admin Building (Lot 24) between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m. if a valid MOTORCYCLE decal is displayed.

RETIRED/EMERITUS Parking Decal – Decals will be issued to persons who have a UCO retired/emeritus ID card. R/E decals are valid in any COMMUTER, FACULTY/STAFF, HOUSING, or MULTIPERMIT parking lot.

CONTRACTOR/VENDOR Parking Decal – Decals are available to authorized UCO contractors and vendors only. C/V decals are valid for the date designated on the decal and are valid in SERVICE/MAINTENANCE spaces, COMMUTER, FACULTY/STAFF, HOUSING, or MULTIPERMIT parking lot.

WELLNESS CENTER Parking Pass – Wellness Center parking passes are valid for persons who have current memberships at the Wellness Center and are NOT employees, vendors, contractors or students of UCO. Violators will receive a $100.00 fine Wellness Center passes are valid only in lots 46 and 47 surrounding the Wellness Center building.