Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to pay for parking?

Why haven't you built a parking garage?

Who sets the rules and regulations of transportation and parking services?

What are the rules regarding state issued Handicap placards?

Do the parking rules apply during finals week?

Do I need a permit to park on campus? 

What if I need to drive a rental car or different vehicle to campus?

I only come to campus for evening classes, do I still need a permit?

Can I park at the meters with a permit?

Where do I get a parking permit?

I graduate in December and no longer need my parking permit. Is there a way to get any of the $125 back?

When are your offices open?

How do I contact you?

Once I get a parking permit, where do I park?

I drive a motorcycle/scooter, where can I park?

There seems to be no parking available the first few weeks of school, what should I do?

How many parking spots are on UCOs campus?

Are parking enforcement officers paid by commission?

Do parking enforcement officers have a quota?

Why is there not enough parking lots on the west side of campus?

My permit was lost or stolen, what do I do?

I found my permit that was lost or stolen, may I use it?

My friend is leaving, may I purchase and use their parking permit?

What do I do if I get a ticket? 

What happens if I do not pay my tickets?

Where do visitors park? 

What if my car breaks down on campus? 

How do I avoid parking tickets?

What is SafeWalk?

How can I suggest improvements or address concerns with parking on campus?