Citations & Fees

 Citations not paid in full will receive a late penalty of $5 at 30, 60, and 90 days
Note: If appealed, the late penalty schedule will not start until after the appeal is heard
Violation Fee

No Valid UCO Permit Displayed


Expired UCO Permit

Permit Not Displayed in Plain View $30.00

Using Wrong UCO Permit for Lot

Decal Not Properly Affixed $30.00
Expired Meter $20.00
Exceeded Posted Time Limit $30.00
Illegal Exit $50.00
Using a UCO Decal Reported Lost/Stolen $100.00
Using an Altered UCO Decal $100.00
Unauthorized Permit $100.00
Car in Motorcycle Space $30.00                    
Motorcycle in Car Space $30.00
Physical Disability Space/Ramp $100.00 + tow fee
Student/Faculty/Staff Parked in Visitor Area $30.00 + tow fee
Reserved Parking $30.00 + tow fee
Maintenance/Service Vehicle Space $30.00 + tow fee
No Parking Zone $30.00 + tow fee
Parked in Fire lane $50.00 + tow fee
Parked in Driveway $30.00 + tow fee
Parked in More than One Space $30.00 + tow fee
Parked on Grass/Dirt $30.00 + tow fee
Parked on Crosswalk/Sidewalk $30.00 + tow fee
Parked Blocking Dumpster

$30.00 + tow fee

Discovery Fee

A Discovery Fee of $25 is assessed to vehicle owners who have not registered their vehicles with the University of Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Services, and have three or more unpaid citations. This fee covers costs associated with identifying vehicle owners and accurately assessing fines owed.