Parking Violations Appeal Form

UCO parking citations must be appealed within three business days of the issue date on the citation. Those not filed within three days will NOT be considered. The board will consider your statement below and render a decision at the next scheduled meeting. The appellant will receive email notification from the Transportation & Parking office within three days of the meeting date. Anyone filing an appeal MUST accept the board's decision as final.

Parking Violation Appeal Board

The Parking Violation Appeal Board will consist of a group of impartial students and/or faculty/staff members, as well as a representative of TPS. The Board will hold meetings once a month (with some exceptions). The Parking Violation Appeal Board considers only online appeals for waiving fines or revoking penalties. An appeal must be submitted within 72 hours or three business days from the date of the citation. Any citation not appealed within 72 hours after receipt of a citation cannot be appealed. The decision of the Appeal Board is final. The appellant may attend the meeting and present a verbal explanation along with the written appeal.

The Appeal Board will review written appeals only and shall render one of the following decisions:

  • Uphold the citation
  • Dismiss the citation
  • Reduce the fine amount to $15.00 for $30.00 fines or for other citations, one half (1/2) the fine amount.

You may appeal a citation online at within 72 hours (3 business days) from the date of the citation.

You will be notified of the date, time and location of the next Parking Appeal Board meeting by email. Results of the Parking Appeal Board will be emailed to you.

***NOTE: If you plan to attend the Appeals Board meeting, please come to the TPS office at the Nigh University Center, third floor room 309a on the day of your scheduled appeal to sign in at least 15 minutes prior. Appeals will be processed according to the order on the sign-in sheet.

Appeals that are upheld by the Parking Appeal Board must be paid by the following dates during the semester the citation is issued or incur a $15.00 late payment fee: December 1st for Fall Semester; May 1st for Spring Semester; August 1st for Summer Semester.

*Hand-written notes left on the exterior of a vehicle, etc., are unacceptable, and will not be honored by enforcement personnel. *Activating a vehicle's emergency flasher lights does not constitute a valid reason to park in designated fire lanes or no-parking zones.

Please complete the following form to appeal a parking violation.