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The safety issues and risks involved in travel abroad are extensive and varied depending upon the nature of the trip, destination, mode of travel, etc. UCO has procedures and guidelines for international travel.  Please review the information below and complete the necessary documentation prior to your travel (recommended 60 days in advance).  Please see the following links for more information.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Kathy Gradnigo at (405) 974-5994.

Documents & Forms 

  • PDF - UCO International Travel Requirements
  • PDF - Employee International Travel Information (Fill out this document and email to Risk Management)
  • PDF - ACE Executive Assistance Services Brochure
  • ACE Executive Assistance Services Travel Card (This card will be emailed to you once you have submitted the Employee International Travel Information document to Risk Management and your travel has been approved.)
  • Passport Stickers (This can be picked up in the Risk Management office or delivered to you once you have submitted the Employee International Travel Information document and your travel has been approved.)
  • PDF - Smart Traveler App
  • PDF - ISIC/ITIC (Optional. If interested, please contact the International Services Office at 974-2390)

*Note:  Lost or Stolen Card UCO ProCard: Contact JPMorgan Chase at 800-316-6056 (24/7 customer service line) and the ProCard Administrator at 405-974-2497 during normal business hours. The University is responsible for all charges until the bank is notified.

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