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Travel FAQs


How do I process hotel expenses that I want to be direct paid by the University?  Also, how will I know if my requested funds are approved for my trip?

Hotel accommodations are processed on a requisition through the travel office.  The requisition must have supporting documentation to include a copy of the conference agenda (must include conference date(s) and conference rate) and a copy of the hotel's W-9 form, if the hotel has not been previously utilized for stays. After the submission of the requisition paperwork and the processing thereof, a copy of the encumbered travel request will be sent to the email address listed on the form.  It will indicate the encumbrance number and the amount funded for the trip.  If the administrative assistant needs this information, their email should be noted, rather than the traveler's.  

Where do I get money for gas when I rent a car?

You may check out a packet from the Purchasing, Payment Services and Travel Department for your fuel and Pike Pass.

What is my Official Duty Station on State Travel Reimbursement form?