Payment Services FAQs

Can we pay for alcoholic beverages as long as it is not paid from "01" organization (E&G) funds?

Please refer to the "UCO Alcohol Beverage Policy" (ADM-ADM-1) located on the Administration home webpage under policies and procedures

How can we get copies of all of our department invoices?

Several departments across campus have requested to have invoices faxed or emailed, specifically copy machine invoices.  We understand the need but it is not within our means to email or fax invoices to every department on campus.  We can offer a few Banner navigation tips to support your endeavors.  To view invoice details by commodity line through Banner, go to the document history table (FOIDOCH).  By querying the PO document number, you can see all invoices paid against a purchase order.  If you would like to sit down with one of our Payment Services Specialists for some personal, one-on-one Banner training, please call Kay Altman at ext. 2492 or Kathy Pritchard at ext. 2494.

FAQ's for EFT Payments