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Current Solicitations Out for Bid or Proposal

UCO Solicitations may also be found at FINDRFP.COM.  If you are a vendor seeking to be on the UCO Bidder List, completed the Vendor Application and return the document as directed.  Any time a formal bid goes out pertaining to a commodity or service you provide, your company contact will be notified via email about the solicitation.

RFP2016P100 - UCO Wellness Clinic Partnership
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Addendum 03 to RFP2016P100
Attachment A to RFP2016P100
Due: Friday, October 26, 2015 by 3:00pm CST

RFP2016P101 - UCO - On Site Mail/Print, Mail Supply Center for Residential Students
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Due: Monday, November 16, 2015 by 3:00pm CST

RFP2016P105 - University Relations Website Redesign
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Addendum 02 to RFP2016P105
Due: Monday, November 16, 2015 by 3:00pm CST