Leadership UCO Alumni

Now over 200 members strong, the Leadership UCO Alumni (LUCOA) is a community of individuals who have successfully completed the LUCO program.  There are exclusive events, volunteering opportunities, and ambassadorships for the network of LUCOA members from all across campus.  LUCOA also serves their campus community through their involvement and leadership to the LUCO program.

Past Volunteer Events

Oklahoma City Zoo - November 14th, 2014

Turning Point Ministries - April 24, 2015

Regional Food Bank - July 17, 2015

Soon there willl be a volunteer opportunity at the UCO Expo on October 30, 2015. Check back here for more information on when and where these quarterly events will take place.

Annual LUCOA Events

Host the LUCO Welcome Reception and the LUCO Graduation Celebration

Lunch With A Leader educational events

Exclusive volunteer opportunities