Leadership UCO

Leadership UCO (LUCO) is as an annual program where the selected participants work to develop their professional and personal leadership qualities, networking and interpersonal skills. 2014-2015 will be the 12th year of LUCO, which has continuously evolved to remain relevant and progressive in leadership standards. This year’s program will feature LeadWell©, led by Dr. Shanna Teel, will feature a brand new health and wellness component as well as the Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator© as seen in previous years.

The program kicks off with a Welcome Reception, hosted by the Leadership UCO Alumni (LUCOA) members, and then the class starts building relationships during their full day at the Challenge Course together. After the Challenge Course, the program will consist of leadership sessions combined with half-days volunteering in the community. The program closes with a Graduation Celebration, hosted by LUCOA members.

Key Facts About LUCO

  • LUCO begins in September and continues through May.
  • Each annual class is comprised of approximately 20 participants.
  • Applications are due in early August of each year.
  • The application requires the signature and cooperation of your immediate and next-level supervisors.
  • Applicants must have a letter of recommendation from either their supervisor or next-level supervisor and must be full-time faculty or staff members.
  • Volunteer service around the community, UCO, and participating in professional development in a general classroom session, off-campus workshop, and the Learning Center will help strengthen your application.
  • A confidential committee composed of LUCOA members will meet to review applications and select those who turned in the strongest application based solely on the areas defined in the completed application. This committee remins confidential for their safety and well-being when applicants are not selected.

LUCO Graduates become LUCO Alumni (LUCOA). As an Alumni you will be able to participate in exclusive leadership events and volunteer opportunities.

Leadership UCO Class Twelve (Current class)
  • Andreanna Allyn  
  • Brittney Criswell
  • Kirsten Davis
  • Teresa Delaney
  • David Herd
  • Randyl Holmes
  • Courtney James
  • Jean Longo
  • Adrienne Martinez
  • Marissa Merritt-Pierson
  • Pamela Platz
  • James Provine
  • Adam Rogers
  • Brandi Smith
  • Molly Smith

We are all called to lead, to influence, and to make decisions regardless of our position or title and to effectively do so without the proper training is hopeful at best.  There is an assumption that through life and work experience we will be equipped to effectively lead and influence and that isn’t always the case.  Leadership training is critical to our success both at work and in our personal life. Programs such as Leadership UCO help provide the tools we need to be effective as a leader. Mark Herrin—Assistant VP Wellness & Sport

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For questions, please contact Ryan Kolb at ext 3658 or rkolb@uco.edu.