Office Supplies

A PCard and a login for the Staples Advantage contract website are all that's needed to purchase office supplies.  Online orders placed by 3:00 p.m. are delivered the next business day to your desk!

To request a login to the contract website, contact Lee Foreman,, with Cardholder Name, Email address and Dept. Name, Bldg. & Room Number of department(s) for which purchases will be made.

Types of Purchases

Apple Computer

The University of Central Oklahoma's Office of Information Technology has entered into an agreement with Apple Computer to become an Apple Authorized Campus Store.  To assist the University in meeting its contractual requirements with Apple, a procedure for UCO purchases of all Apple products and services has been created.  

Apple / Central Tech Store Purchases       

Awards & Trophies

Must be a part of an established annual awards program. Documentation is required; examples of approved documentation are: program, flyer, advertisement, or online information describing the event, which can be printed and signed by the Dean or Director of the department.

Gift Certificates

The purchase of gift certificates is not allowed by PCard. Any requests for gift certificate purchases should be routed to the Purchasing office on a requisition per a bona fide award program.

Hazardous Materials

Complete the Hazardous Materials Declaration Form online. Print and include with departmental PCard documentation. To learn what materials are considered hazardous, visit the Environmental Health and Safety website.


Designated cardholders only may make hotel transactions with their PCards for persons other than themselves.  Cardholders may not pay for their own lodging expenses with their PCard.  This is for employee travel only and all local hotel accommodations for incoming guests must be put on a requisition.  Using this method, the payment information takes care of the reservation through payment completion.  Travel documentation will show a PCard direct pay.  Travelers, however, should be prepared to provide a personal credit card at the time of hotel check-in to cover incidentals.  Note, the same travel request and other requirements still apply, and any expense in excess of conference or CONUS rates will require traveler reimbursement.  Following are required and recommended documents for the PCard holder's file:   

  • Lodging receipt showing total amount paid and zero balance.

Meals and Refreshments

Food or beverage purchases may require the Meal and Expense Reimbursement Form (MERF) which must detail the public purpose served by the purchase and contain appropriate signatures as designated on the form.

The Date on the MERF must be On or BEFORE the Gathering Date.  Complete your MERFs before the event to prevent a PCARD Violation. 

Do I need a MERF for my purchase?  A MERF is required if food or beverage is for consumption in conjunction with an event or meeting, including ice purchased for such events or meetings.  Food purchased for educational purposes such as a class lab or Central Station food preparation and account coded to Educational Supplies does not require a MERF.  The purpose for the food purchase for educational use should be documented on the requisition or in the Notes field for PCard purchases.

PCard purchases are also subject to on-campus food service contract terms. Click here to view the Food Service Contract details.


UCO Purchasing policy regarding the prepayment of registrations applies to PCard.  The Prepayment of Registrations Form is required and will be kept with departmental records for all PCard registration purchases.


Returns or other items that need to be shipped from UCO can be mailed with the assistance of the UCO Inventory & Receiving Department.  Please complete the UPS Shipping Form with financial manager signature and call or fax the form to Central Receiving.  The item will be picked up from the sender and mailed by UPS.  The shipping expense will be paid by Central Receiving and reallocated to the appropriate organization.  Use of individual PCard accounts is restricted for this type of purchase unless you are notified by Central Receiving that they are unable to meet your shipping needs.  Updated 5/30/12

Technology Purchases

The first step to purchasing all computers, software and computer supplies is to look at the information available at the "Tech Store & OIT Purchasing" tab on the UCO Office of Information Technology website. Complete instructions are available for student, staff and UCO departmental purchases.

Only external supplies for departmental use may be eligible for purchase with PCard.  Note:  iPad purchases require a requisition.  I/T quote and approval are needed; attach to your requisition.

Specific questions may be addressed to the IT help desk at or the UCO PCard Manager.

Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing Services

Contact the Technology Resource Center at 974-5595 or the service desk at  For more information, reference the UCO Multimedia Standards from the Office of Information Technology.  Individual PCard accounts should not be used to acquire these services and may be declined.