Look up Account Codes

Organization and account codes may be reallocated when transactions are reviewed in PaymentNet.  It is important to choose the correct account code for each purchase, so an application has been created to help cardholders:  Admin. Portal for Expense Account Code Lookup. 

This listing includes State of Oklahoma account code definitions along with UCO examples.  Once you access the document, simply use CTRL + F (find) to search for the specific item you have purchased.


  • Real-time, online access to PCard transactions for review or reallocation.
  • Set up monthly Statement of Account report processing.
       For questions about the tasks noted above, please contact Whitney Kelsey at wkelsey@uco.edu
  • Login information and/or the Cardholder Quick Reference Guide may be requested by contacting Kathy Constien at kconstien@uco.edu

Reconciliation of Monthly Cardholder Statement

  1. Cardholders or their assigned business manager will print a monthly Statement of Account by accessing PaymentNet, our online card management tool. If authorized, the individual transactions on the monthly cardholder statement can be reallocated to another University organization and/or account code. Reallocations may easily be made within PaymentNet before the statement is printed.  Note:  The cardholder is responsible for the proper account coding of expenses.  A listing of account codes can be found in the Admin. Portal.  
  2. The monthly cardholder statement and detailed receipts for all card purchases must be reviewed and signed by both the cardholder and the Organization Financial Manager of all organizations to which charges are applied. If the cardholder and Organization Manager are the same, then the card receipts should also be reviewed and the statement signed by their immediate supervisor.  Note:  Expenses reallocated to an "S" organization other than athletics, must have the signature of the Student Activity Budget Manager. Office of Student Affairs.
  3. The statement including any changes should be forwarded to Accounting Services at Campus Box 142 or ADM 124, NO LATER THAN the due date requested.
  4. Accounting Services will download transactions for posting to Banner at the time established by email to each cardholder. The transactions will be posted reflecting any changes as they appear in PaymentNet at that time.  Failure to submit a reviewed cardholder statement on time will result in all contained charges being billed to the University default account listed on the UCO PCard Application.
  5. A copy of the monthly cardholder statement approved and signed by the Organization Financial Manager and all the original supporting documentation are to be maintained in a permanent file for review upon request for seven years.  See Monthly Statements & Documentation.