PCard Documents & Forms

Mandatory Notes Field in Payment for FY15, Effective with UCO billing cycle 7/6/14 - 8/5/14.

Administrative Changes and Updates for FY14, Effective July 1, 2013.

Application Form

Hazardous Materials Declaration Form

Lost or Stolen Notification Form

Meal Expense / Reimbursement Form (MERF) 

Do I need a MERF Form?

Missing Receipt Form

PaymentNet 4 Logging On Quick Reference Card

Prepayment of Registrations Form

(Send form to supplier for documentation before making payment.  However, the form does not need to be sent to the conference official for signature if you can document with conference material that the requirements are met.  After the conference, the attendee is to sign the form verifying participation.  Form to be retained with cardholder PCard records.)

Sample Set of PCard Documentation

Tax Exempt Permit