What to Know After Your First Week


Congratulations on completing five days of new employee orientation and training!

What now?

  • Job Description

Job descriptions should be signed by both employee and supervisor within five days of employment. These should be returned to Human Resources, Box 171.

  • Introductory Period IPP (Individual Performance Plan)

The Individualized Performance Plan (IPP) is the University's formal performance management system. It is the policy of UCO for all new UCO staff members to meet with their supervisors during the first two weeks on the job to prepare a three-month introductory IPP.

This planning document will reflect the goals and objectives established by you and your supervisor for the first three months of your new job.  You will meet together again after 90 days to review the performance of these objectives.

Annual IPPs are required for all UCO Staff Members. Once you complete your Introductory evaluation, you will repeat the process in order to outline your objectives for the remainder of the fiscal year.