Temporary Employees

No individual should provide work / a service to the University prior to one of the 3 payment options being set up first:

1. Authorization to Pay form completed and authorized

2. Requisition to pay the temporary staffing agency signed off by purchasing

3. A position has been created and approved in the internal hiring system (PeopleAdmin)

4. Requisition and independent contractor signed contract (Note: when using UCO’s service contract agreement a scope of work with contract price or a not to exceed price must be stated.)

**Before proceding, please click on the following link and follow the decision tree to ensure you select the correct payment option depending on your situation**:

Human Resources' Guide on How to Pay an Individual for Temporary Work

Once you have determined the correct procedure for hiring and paying your temporary worker from the link above, please see further details below:

The following atypical employee definitions and procedures should assist departments in making a proper determination of departmental hiring needs, and how to proceed as such:

  • Temporary Staffing Agency Employee
  • Seasonal/Grant-Funded UCO Employee
  • Independent Contractor
  • UCO Student Employee

Please note that any employees in the UCO classifications outlined below are not usually eligible for pay increases and will not require employee performance evaluations (IPPs).

See our Seasonal and Temporary Employees FAQ's here.

Temporary Staffing Agency Employee:

A Temporary Staffing Agency Employee is anyone hired to perform services at UCO on a short-term or once-a-year basis, with a specific end date.  The Staffing Agency should also be utilized to facilitate payroll for special campus event workers.  This person is hired and paid through Millennium Personnel or Labor Ready.

Hiring Procedure:

  • A requisition needs to be created with Purchasing to encumber funds to pay the staffing agency, and the candidate should be referred to Millennium Personnel or Labor Ready to complete enrollment paperwork.
  • Questions about procedures, timecards, payments, and applications, can be directed to Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel at (405) 974-3340, or information can be found on their website.
  • For more information concerning Millennium Personnel, please see the contact details and pricing information below:

Seasonal/Grant-Funded UCO Employee:

A Seasonal/Grant-Funded UCO Employee is anyone hired to perform services at UCO for on-going, intermittent employment that is without a specific end date, or is grant-funded.  This person is hired and paid through UCO’s Payroll. 

Hiring Procedure:

Independent Contractor:

Independent Contractors are those who follow an independent trade, business, or profession in which they offer their specialized services to the public, have other customers outside of UCO, and are not employees nor perform tasks performed by current employees.  The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if you, the person for whom the services are performed, have the right to control or direct on the result of the work and not the means or methods of accomplishing the result.

Hiring Procedure: 

  • Contact Talent Acquisition (405 974 3650) or jobs@uco.edu if you have questions regarding Independent Contractors
  • Contact Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel at (405) 974-3340, or view their website for procedures, contracts, and service agreements.

UCO Student Employee: 

A UCO Student Employee is hired and paid through the same process as a Seasonal/Grant Funded UCO Employee above.  

  • Students who meet the enrollment requirement for the Fall/Spring/Summer semesters are eligible to work at the University as student employees (FICA exempt).
  • Students not enrolled in the Summer semester, but who meet the enrollment requirement in the Fall semester, are still eligible to work as student employees, but will be required to pay FICA taxes.
  • Those who are not enrolled in classes, or who do not meet the minimum number of required enrollment hours, are not eligible as student employees.  These individuals will have to be hired as a Temporary Staffing Agency Employee or Seasonal UCO Employee, according to the above indicated guidelines.


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