Adjunct Employees

Once hired as an adjunct employee with the University of Central Oklahoma, individuals must complete the required paperwork with Academic Affairs, as well as the Payroll paperwork located on this page.  

Adjuncts are on a 4-pay system with the University for the Fall and Spring semesters:  Spring semester, paychecks are received on the last working day of the month in February, March, April, and May.  Fall semester, paychecks are received on the last working day of the month, in September, October, November, and December.  Exceptions exist if you are teaching Block 1 or Block 2 courses; typically adjunct is paid the last working day of the month during each month of service.  Questions can be directed to the Payroll Department at (405) 974-3353 or

Adjunct Rate of Pay:  For BA/MA, the rate of pay is $700 per credit hour.  For PhD, the rate of pay is $915 per credit hour. 

Insurance:  UCO does not provide insurance for Adjuncts.

Parking Decal:  When requesting your UCO parking decal, make sure to have the make, model, color, state, and tag number of the vehicle you will be utilizing most at UCO.

If you have questions concerning email access, keys, parking decals, class schedules, or any other questions concerning your employment, please contact the Administrative Assistant within your Department, or Human Resources at (405) 974-2366 or

Completed Payroll Forms should be returned to the Human Resources office, located in the Lillard Administration Building, Room 204.

Payroll Forms

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Adjunct Instructors Working a Secondary UCO Job

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