Staff:  Full and Part Time

When an employee chooses to resign from their position at the University, they should submit written notification to their supervisor. The letter should indicate their last day to work. The supervisor is to immediately send a copy of the letter to Employment Services, Box 171 or fax it to 974-3827.

Although an employee may terminate his or her employment at will, the University requests an employee to give at least ten (10) working days notice.

Once Employment Services receives a copy of the resignation notice, a letter and a clearance card will be sent to the employee. Information regarding the clearance process will be explained in the letter. On their final day to work, the employee will go to Employment Services to officially clear campus.

For further information contact Employment Services at 974-2366.


Faculty should contact Academic Affairs 974-3371 and Employment Services 974-2366 when resigning from the University.