Employee Training

All employee training activities can now be found in one central location: http://learningcenter.uco.edu/uco/

The UCO Learning Center is a web-based learning management system provided exclusively for UCO faculty and staff to participate, schedule, and track their training and professional development activities. The Course Catalogs, which are updated frequently to provide new content, include hundreds of titles for Microsoft Office, Adobe, other technologies, and various soft-skill and safety titles. The searchable list of titles is available from the course catalog link.

Video Tutorial to Get Started in Learning Center

Logging in and Managing Training in Learning Center

Benefits for Employees:

  • Self-service portal with a searchable calendar of learning and professional development opportunities provided by UCO departments including classroom, virtual classroom, on-line, on-the-Job, off-site, lending library.
  • Self-enroll and manage your registrations.
  • Selected on-line course content is available from Element-K.
  • Receive automated confirmation of registration and entry into your Outlook calendar.
  • View transcript of completed training with option to print certificates of completion.

Benefits for Managers:

  • Establish training plans for employee development.
  • Receive reports on employee learning and professional development activities, including mandatory training.