2013 Years of Service Honorees

Years  Prefix First Name Last Name Home Organization Description
45 Mr Gary Howard Kinesiology & Health Studies
40 Dr Randall Jones Political Science
30 Mr Michael Fenner Mailroom
30 Dr Joseph Grzybowski Funeral Sciences
30 Dr April Haulman Curriculum and Instruction
30 Dr Scott McLaughlin Adv Professional and Spec Services
30 Ms Cecelia Smith IT - Academic Support
25 Dr Ed Cunliff Adult Education & Safety Science
25 Ms Marilyn Gaskill Mailroom
25 Dr Mark Hanebutt Mass Communication
25 Dr Bahaeddin Jassemnejad Engineering & Physics
25 Dr Samuel Magrill Music
25 Dr Mary Miller Information Systems & Op Mgmt
25 Dr Clark Ovrebo Biology
25 Dr Bob Palmer Art
25 Ms Krystal Ruth Print Shop
25 Dr Mary Sheets Accounting
25 Mrs Carole Sites-Walker Chambers Library Admin
25 Ms Susan Urbach Small Business Dev Center 2013
25 Ms Connie Weis Counseling
25 Mr Ralph Wise KCSC Better Music Club
20 Ms Brenda Brent Academy of Contemporary Music
20 Dr Chris Burkey Funeral Sciences
20 Dr Amy Carrell English
20 Dr Eva Dadlez Humanities and Philosophy
20 Mr Bill Elliott IT - Academic Support
20 Dr Charles Hughes Planning & Analysis FY12
20 Ms Deborah Jordan Inventory and Receiving
20 Ms Damita Kennedy Budget Office
20 Ms Pat Knickerbocker Nursing
20 Dr Xiao-Bing Li History and Geography
20 Ms Carolyn Mahin Chambers Library Admin
20 Ms Sherri McCann Employment Services
20 Dr David Noel Information Systems & Op Mgmt
20 Dr Youngtae Shin Political Science
20 Mrs Marian Spears Payroll Services
20 Dr David Stapleton Mathematics & Statistics
20 Dr Thomas Turner Computer Science
20 Dr Sherri Ward Mass Communication
20 Ms Frankie Weatherington Payroll Services
20 Mr Keith Webb Design
15 Dr Stanley Adamiak History and Geography
15 Dr Rosa Bird Modern Languages, Lit, Cultural Std
15 Ms Ona Britton-Spears Chambers Library Admin
15 Dr Mary Brodnax Humanities and Philosophy
15 Ms Susan Clark KCSC Better Music Club
15 Mr Mike Cook Soccer
15 Dr Loren Gatch Political Science
15 Dr Diane Jackson Ed Sciences, Foundations & Research
15 Mr Dale Knight College of Liberal Arts Operations
15 Dr Evan Lemley Engineering & Physics
15 Ms Angela Marks Theatre, Dance & Media Arts
15 Dr Robert McGill Theatre, Dance & Media Arts
15 Dr Rozilyn Miller Mass Communication
15 Mr Wesley Moreland Paint Shop
15 Dr Cynthia Murray Mathematics & Statistics
15 Dr Jeffrey Plaks History and Geography
15 Mr Timothy Rafter Paint Shop
15 Dr Tess Remy-Schumacher Music
15 Ms Wilma Rogers Postal Station
15 Dr Susan Scott Ed Sciences, Foundations & Research
15 Ms Gayle Singer-Farber Art
15 Dr Terry Spigner Adv Professional and Spec Services
15 Dr Gary Steward Liberal Arts Administration
15 Mr Harrison Strunk Maintenance of Grounds
15 Ms Glenda Todd Academic Advisement Center
15 Dr Geoff Willis Information Systems & Op Mgmt
10 Mrs Ines Burnham Oklahoma Center for Arts Education
10 Dr Gary Chew Humanities and Philosophy
10 Mr Arthur Christie Sociology, Gerntolgy, & Subst Abuse
10 Ms NiQ'uita Clark IT - Academic Support
10 Dr Jerel Cowan Kinesiology & Health Studies
10 Ms Danielle Dill Wellness Center Operating
10 Mr Christopher Domanski Theatre, Dance & Media Arts
10 Mrs Jordan Domanski University Productions
10 Dr. Kevin Eckard Music
10 Ms Laurie Flewwellin CFAD Administration
10 Dr Darrell Ford Finance
10 Ms Phyllis Gazaway Student Financial Services
10 Mr Donald Gibson Chemistry
10 Mr David Hardman Music
10 Mrs Jean Hendrickson Oklahoma A+ Schools
10 Mr Adam Johnson Enrollment Mngt/Registrar
10 Mr Ralph Jones Biology
10 Ms Linda Kelso Transportation & Parking
10 Mr Gregory Mackey IT - Academic Support
10 Mr William McCormick ID Cards
10 Dr Mike Nelson Ed Sciences, Foundations & Research
10 Ms Abigail Okoe Student Financial Services
10 Dr Diane Rudebock Kinesiology & Health Studies
10 Ms Linda Sharp Special Academic Support
10 Dr Shari Swoyer Adult Education & Safety Science
10 Ms Sonya Watkins IT - Academic Support
10 Ms Sharla Weathers Disability Support Services
10 Dr Jan Wetsel Curriculum and Instruction
10 Ms Jennifer White Mass Communication
10 Ms Debi Young Facility Management