Employee Exceptional Performance Awards

$500 Quarterly Award and $1,250 Annual Award

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our vice presidents, what started as a program in the Administration and Enrollment Management divisions has grown to now include all UCO staff members (up to, but not including Directors). The Exceptional Performance Award consists of quarterly and annual recognition for the purpose of creating an environment where employees feel they are recognized for performance that reflects the innovative, passionate, student and customer-centered focus that UCO has embraced. Each quarter a selected honoree receives $500. Annually there will be two recipients selected who will receive an award of $1,250 each. The  areas of consideration for the award are:

Service, dedication, professionalism, and compassion in dealing with internal or external publics (students, faculty, staff, and community). Inspires an overall sense of belonging that leads to a welcoming campus environment.

Effectiveness: Promotion of University core values and purpose including character, collaboration, respect, and service to the campus community.

Innovation: Contribution toward more efficient or productive operations including money-saving ideas, exceptional fiscal responsibility, and improving service quality.

Significance: Accomplishments through campus work assignments that contribute to the success of UCO in the community either directly or through significant support of others from the campus.

Quarterly Nomination forms should be delivered to Human Resources in ADM 204 no later than the last working Friday of the indicated nomination period. Annual Nomination forms are due to Human Resources no later than the second Friday of July. Recommendations may be made by anyone including faculty, staff, students and campus vendors.