Section 125

Section 125 permits employees to pay for certain benefits before taxes through pre-tax deductions from their paychecks.  These pre-tax deductions have the effect of lowering the employee's taxable income.  Consequently, the employee pays less in FICA and Federal Withholding taxes.  This includes employee-paid costs for medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, in addition, flexible spending accounts and dependent day care expenses (usually child-care).

The flexible spending account (FSA) and dependent day care account (DDC) must be elected each year during open enrollment.  The dollar amounts are payroll deducted, but the accounts are managed by American Fidelity.  Questions concerning your account details should be directed to American Fidelity customer service at 1-800-325-0654.

Flexible Spending Account - If enrolling in the FSA, please complete the following forms, and submit to the HR office.

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American Fidelity offers additional benefits packages to UCO employees. For information go to American Fidelity's website. To enroll in one of the additional benefits offered through American Fidelity, contact UCO's American Fidelity representative Robert Yocham at

Information about plans and claim forms, such as Flex Spending Reimbursement Vouchers, Cancer Diagnostic Reimbursement Vouchers, Short-Term Disability Plans, Long-Term Care Plans, Critical Illness Plans, or Information on Dependent Daycare, can also be found on the American Fidelity website.  When using the website, one of the required search fields is "Industry," note that UCO is part of the Education industry.

New employees have 30 days to enroll in a plan, while current employees can enroll during UCO's annual Benefits Open Enrollment.

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