Employee Awards & Recognition 

Below you will find a brief description and the associated deadlines for nomination and/or application. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these awards and be sure to nominate deserving co-workers!

Three C's Award: Annually recognizes a staff employee for performance, interaction, and leadership consistent with UCO's Three Core Values - Character, Community and Civility.  The award includes a lapel pin, a certificate, an engraved brick placed at Old North and a $1,000 student scholarship awarded in the recipient's name for four consecutive years. Nominations received in Employee Relations and Development by May 31 are reviewed by a committee and the honoree is chosen.

Exceptional Performance Award: The Exceptional Performance Award consists of 4 quarterly awards and 2 annual awards for the purpose of creating an environment where employees feel that they are recognized for performance that reflects the innovative, passionate, student and customer-centered focus that UCO has embraced. Nomination deadlines are published for the end of each quarter. 

Faculty Merit Awards: Several awards are presented in the following three categories: research/scholarly efforts, service to the UCO community and teaching. During the first calendar quarter, fulltime faculty may apply. A Faculty Merit-Credit Committee, with oversight by the Office of Academic Affairs, has the honor of selecting recipients.

Vanderford Engagement Awards: The Academic Affairs Award for Engagement annually recognizes up to three faculty members who have demonstrated exceptional initiative in support of the Central six tenets of transformative learning. Nomination opens in late spring; watch for the deadline! Anyone may nominate to Academic Affairs a faculty member for the awards in any of the areas.

Modeling the Way Awards: The Provost's Award that acknowledges up to 3 employees (staff and faculty) for consistent leadership by example, for living UCO's mission and vision and for exhibiting the values of civility, character and community. Anyone may nominate deserving individuals to the Provost. Nominations are due by June 1.

Vanderford Faculty Award in Support of Undergraduate Research, Creative & Scholarly Activity:The President and the Office of Research and Grants annually recognize one faculty member who develops, encourages, pursues, effectively conducts, funds, or otherwise supports undergraduate research, creative and scholarly activities. In late spring, peers may nominate to the Research Advisory Council (RAC) faculty members from their departments for the award.

Vanderford Distinguished Teaching Award: The deans of each of the 5 undergraduate college recognize a faculty member for their exceptional teaching achievements. Nomination opens in late spring. The department chairpersons of the college may nominate to the dean one faculty member from their departments

The Neely Excellence in Teaching Award:  This award is given annually to two Central professors who strive for teaching excellence inside the classroom. Funded in honor of El Roy C. Neely and Lucile Hawker Neely, for their hunger for knowledge and support of education, by their son, J. Gail Neely, a UCO graduate, surgeon and professor at Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis. Each winter, deserving faculty, as determined by chairs from all five colleges, are asked to apply. A committee selects recipients.

The Herbert S. Dordick Award:  Presented in recognition and appreciation for excellence in mentoring students. At the end of the semester, UCO students nominate using applications available at www.ucogiving.org.