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The Housing and Dining full balance is due by September 1st for fall semester, and by February 1st for the spring semester.   If you are unable to pay the full balance by those dates, you can set up a payment plan through your UCOnnect log in.    If you have questions please call our AR department at 405-974-2746 or send us an e-mail at with questions.   Once enrolled, you will be charged a $40 administration fee.    We encourage students to enroll before the dates above because anyone with an outstanding balance on the dates listed above, who has not set up a payment plan with housing, will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan and will be charged an additional $50 late enrollment fee.

*** Payments can be made online via your UCOnnect account and that payment can be made with checks, money orders and credit cards but Visa is not accepted ***

Housing & Dining Payment Plans

2012-13 Housing and Dining Rates

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