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About West Hall

West Hall is an all-female, traditional style residence hall that houses approximately 460 residents at capacity.  West Hall is conveniently located in the heart of the campus, between Buddy's Cafeteria and the Max Chambers Library. West Hall is a three-story brick building with four wings (North, Center, East, and South).  It has 6 community bathroom facilities throughout the floors and four of those bathrooms house washers and dryers for residents to use free of charge. There are several study rooms and a large lounge where students can gather for programs, studying or just to hang out. Take a look at West Hall's floor plan and amenities.

The residents of West Hall form a close-knit community from the moment they arrive on campus.  There are twelve West Hall Resident Assistants (RA's) who are full-time student staff members. These student leaders are responsible for facilitating growth, development, and community among their floor.  RA's put together planned activities every month in order to help get their residents "out and about" on campus and in the hall.  They are a resource for the ladies living on their hall and can often help underclassmen with their classes and other questions they may have about university life.  RA's also help the Hall Director with enforcing the housing policies in order to keep the residents safe. 

Each resident of West Hall is already a member of West Hall Council (WHC), a student organization for Housing residents, before they ever arrive on campus!  West Hall Council is a leadership council for West Hall residents to have their voice heard.  This leadership council is responsible for many of the social events happening in West, as well as operating a Hall Improvements Committee for residents to report concerns and implement ideas.  Some of the key programs sponsored by West Hall Council are Bingo Night, Safe Treat Night, Hanks for the Memories and Senior Night.  In addition to programs, WHC also supplies movies, games, karaoke, a Wii and much more for the residents.  Even though West Hall is not a typical sorority, there is a sisterhood here - so come be a part of our family!

Meet the West Staff

West Hall Housing Director

Misty Gossom


West Hall Resident Assistants

1st North: Adalee Shuck

2nd North: Robbie Coyner

3rd North: Julie Grice


1st South: Kassandra Cardenas

2nd South: Na'eemah Phanelson

3rd South: Alicia Merrick


1st Center: Isadora Wyant

2nd Center: Kristen Hosch

3rd Center: Paigton Mayes


1st East: Elizabeth Cunningham

2nd East: Ani Sargsyan

3rd East: Maygan Scott

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