Come Be a Part of UCO & Live Central!

On-campus living is a vital component of the collegiate experience and we encourage you to invest in this opportunity. When you live on campus in one of the great residence halls, each staffed with remarkably talented individuals, research shows that you will earn better grades, be more involved in student organizations and be more likely to graduate.

More reasons to Live Central!


You are minutes away from your classes, the library, parking, campus activities, the Wellness Center, bookstores, and many other places that you will frequent while being a student on UCO's campus. Also, students pay for housing on a semester basis. There is no need to save up for a monthly rent or those rising utility costs.  No more tracking down your roommates for their part of rent, you are only responsible for yourself.


Your classmates are down the hall and on the floor above and below you. Organize a study group, watch television together, participate in intramural sports, or host a movie marathon! RA's and Residence Life staff create programs offered within each residence hall that focus on academic success, student development, appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism, and social and community growth.


UCO was recently named one of the nation's safest campuses.  We have Resident Assistants and a professional staff member on call every night of the year. Our reception desk is staffed 24 hours 7 days a week.  We promote safety, and realize that safety is a basic need for students.


Students that live on campus are more likely to be involved on campus and have a higher GPA that their peers who do not. Resources are immediately available for students living on campus, and many are offered after hours to enhance the living experience.

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