Interested in Living Central?

On-campus living is a vital component of the collegiate experience! When you make the residence halls your home at Central, research shows that you will earn better grades, get more involved in student organizations, have more interaction with faculty members, feel like a part of the campus community, and be more likely to graduate.

Now is the time to sign up to live on campus.  Hurry---Space fills up fast!

Signing up is simple:

  • Log into your UCONNECT account

  • Select the MyHousing tab.

  • Select the application tab and choose the upcoming Academic Year term.

  • Confirm your personal and contact information. If you find any changes, you may update them in your UCONNECT School Services tab.

  • Fill out the personality profile questions. This will help us match you with the perfect roommate!

  • If you already have a roommate in mind, make sure they fill out their application, select the same room as you, and accept your request to room together. This must be done on both roommates applications to ensure you get in the same room!

  • Pick your room- Select your Hall, Floor and Room

  • Submit your application and you're all set to Live Central.

Here is just a preview of why others are Living Central!


Kiyana, Senior, Marriage and Family Life Education Major
West Hall
"I live Central because this is my community.  It helps me to live a busy life and also stay involved on all the great things Central has to offer."


Alex, Sophomore, Kinesiology Major
University Suites
"I Live Central because I will never have another chance to live so close to so many people who are reaching for the same goals; we inspire each other."


Tramica, Senior, Public Relations Major
West Hall
"I Live Central because living on campus has given me the opportunity to learn, grow, mature and become well-rounded and successful."


Taylor, Senior, Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Major
University Sites
"I Live Central because it's very convenient for me plus I have met so many great people here!"