Spanish Learning Community

 The Spanish Learning Community, Casa Hispana, is a new learning community that both incoming and returning students can join.  Members will be living in a tight-knit community that will allow them to practice their Spanish language skills as well as explore the UCO campus, Spanish-speaking cultures, and study abroad opportunities. 16- 24 qualified new and upper-class students will be admitted to join this community. Participants will be provided with an incredible opportunity to tap into some of UCO's best faculty and tutoring resources on their own residential floor.  Students will live on the same residential floor, receive supplemental tutoring and discuss their own aspirations and experiences studying abroad.  The Spanish Learning Community has a Peer Mentor, an upper class student, who serves as a role model, language tutoring and mentor to the students throughout their time residing in the community. 

Is the Spanish Community right for me?

Are you interested in exploring Spanish- speaking cultures?

Would you like to enhance your Spanish language skills (written and oral communication)?

Would you like to be a part of a supportive, themed community? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Spanish Learning Community may be a good fit for you!

Program Requirements:

 Students selected for the Spanish Learning Community must live in the University Suites and be willing to accept an assigned roommate. Students will receive numerous academic advantages available specifically for them. There is no additional charge to be in the community.