Parents FAQ: 

Welcome to the University of Central Oklahoma's page for parents.  As the parent, guardian, or family member of a UCO student, you also become an important part of our campus community. We've designed this site with information specifically for parents/family members so you can support your student in his/her studies and college life.  Like you, the University of Central Oklahoma is here for your student and wants to ensure they have the best college experience possible.

Can we charge things to my students' bursar account?

Yes, everything that you do here at UCO will be automatically charged to the students' bursar account. There are multiple ways to pay off the account such as: credit/debit card online, mail in a check or money order, or pay cash. 

How secure are the buildings?

All buildings have multiple doors. However, the only way to enter the buildings is with the key your student acquires when they move in. Every key will allow access to the building your student is assigned to only, as well as their room.

How do the meal plans work?

Flex money is just like cash loaded on to your students ID card. It is tax free, so it is dollar for dollar, which makes it cheaper than using cash for a debit card or something purchased on campus. Flex money can be used anywhere on campus for food, beverage and convenience store purchases. For example: Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Quiznos, etc.

Flex comes with almost any meal plan offered. We also have weekly meals that come with the more common resident meal plans. These plans have a set amount of meals a student can use whenever they want. When the meals have been used up for the week, the students will have to wait until Saturday afternoon (brunch) for them to reset and have a new set of meals. Flex will always roll over from week to week, and will only roll over Fall semester to Spring semester if the student has a meal plan for both semesters; it does not have to be the same meal plan. Block meals is an allotted amount of meals the student has per semester. Once they are gone, they are gone, and they have to wait for the next semester to roll around for a new set of meals, if they have one for the following semester. If your student goes through their flex before it is time for it to refill, then they can always go to the bursar's office and reload with Broncho Bucks.  Broncho Bucks are just like flex money only they do not expire.

Does my student have to move out for the breaks?

Your student does not have to move out for any break aside from Christmas break. However, even then, they have the option to stay. They just have to pay a winter intercession fee. If they chose not to pay the fee, then their belongings can stay here for free, but they will not be allowed to physically stay. Also, a common concern is if the student may need back in the room for something; there will also be a fee for every reentry during the Christmas break if the student is not signed up to stay and has not paid the winter intercession fee. Aside from Christmas break, the student does not have to leave, nor do they have to pay a fee to stay for any other break in the school year.

How do visitations work? Opposite sex visitations?

Guests, especially of the opposite sex are monitored by the front desks. If they are staying overnight, they must be checked in and approved. Opposite sex visitors must be out of the room by midnight Sunday-Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday-Saturday. Any failure to cooperate will result in consequences such as community service on campus, a fine, etc. Any guest that is the same sex is allowed to stay as long as your student AND their roommate can agree upon it.

What if my student and their roommate/roommates are not getting along?

We have a few different options for students and their roommates to consider and try before any final decisions are made. One option we have is roommate mediation. This is where all roommates in the situation sit down with their RA (resident assistant) and talk about what's wrong and come up with a possible solution to fix the problem. If after roommate mediation things are still not working out ideally, then the roommates can also go to their Hall Director who is over all of the RA's.  The Hall Director will then follow procedures they have been trained on. If no compromise can be reached then the students are welcome to go through the room change process. The room change process does have a fee of $100.00. At least one resident has to go to their Hall Director and/or the Housing and Dining office and apply to move. They will just fill out a form stating why they want to move and where they want to go. Then the UCO Housing and Dining staff will do everything they can to ensure that your student is placed somewhere else where they will be happier. Room changes take place each month as well.  Simply visit the Housing and Dining office to fill out a form to change rooms.

What if my student needs/wants to cancel their contract early?

The University reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, and the residents may be required to move upon notice, or if the housing department determines that the continued residency of the student would pose a danger to life, health, or general well-being of the residential community. Violation of terms of the contract requiring the termination by the university will result in payment of 100% of the value of the contract. A resident may be required to seek professional counseling on campus as part of an agreement to continue occupancy. If you do not check into your assigned space by the first Friday of class, the university may, at its discretion terminate this contract and charged according to the cancellation terms below.  Please review your contract for more detailed information on the cancellation policy. In the Terms and Conditions on the online contract that each student signs before moving in, it states that if the student breaks their contract early for any reason besides medical, then they will be responsible for 50% of their remaining housing balance. If they are cancelling for any reason other than medical and want out of the charges, the student can fill out a Review Board Form located in the Housing office. The Review Board meets every Tuesday and Friday to discuss appeals that have been brought to their attention. If the cancellation reason is medical, the UCO Housing and Dining office as well as the hall the student is a resident of, will need documentation from doctors and a written letter explaining what is wrong and why they need out of their contract.  At that time the Housing office will allow you to move out.

What if something happens in my students' room like a busted pipe, etc.?

There is a proper procedure that MUST be followed in order to ensure that your students room issues be taken care of. We have an online Maintenance Request Tab on the every student's UCONNECT accounts. That is where they can place an order for a repair in their room. The requests are sent directly to the maintenance staff at the UCO Housing and Dining office on campus and they will proceed to take the correct precautions to assess and repair the problem. If the maintenance request online is not completed correctly or if you are having trouble with it, you can call the UCO Housing and Dining office and we will assist you otherwise.

Am I or is my student able to set up a payment plan for the bursar balance?

Yes.  Please click here for more details or call our Accounts Receivable department at 405-974-2746.  You can also email us at for more details.

Does UCO provide family/married housing?

Yes. The Housing and Dining office does have Student Family Housing.  Simply call or come by the Housing and Dining office to apply or get on a waiting list.