Future Residents

How do I apply for Housing and Dining?
You will need to log on to UCOnnect and select the "My Housing" tab.  Once you are there, please fill out an online application. You do need to choose a room, meal plan and sign the contract to complete the housing and dining contract for fall/spring.

Will my financial aid cover the cost of my housing?

Financial aid, first and for most, covers tuition and fees. Once that is paid for any remaining financial aid will be applied to any other balance on the students account. If their balance is not covered, they are responsible for the remaining amount. NOTE: OHLAP does not cover housing. OHLAP only covers tuition. For more information, contact the Financial Aid office (974-2727).

When do I need to have my paperwork turned in?

We do not have deadlines for turning in housing paperwork. We accept applications and contracts year round, but for the best availability we suggest getting your paperwork in as soon as possible as we operate off of a first come first serve policy.

Are the room prices shown including the cost of meals?

Room cost and meal cost are separate. You can find both of those forms with the prices on our Housing and Dining website under our Forms and Documents page.

What is Flex and how does it work?

Flex Dollars -The Flex dollars that are included in every meal plan are accepted like cash at any of the 8 dining locations across campus.  The "virtual dollars" are kept in a declining balance account; the amount used is automatically deducted from the account.  Additional Flex Dollars can be added at any time by visiting the Housing & Dining office. Flex Dollars carry over from the Fall semester to Spring but will expire after the Spring semester has concluded. There are no refunds for unused Flex Dollars at the end of the Spring semester

What are the most popular meal plans?

When choosing a meal plan we like for our student to take into account their school and work schedules. The cafeteria and suites food court have specific hours of operation and if you are in class or at work and are unable to eat please take that in to account when choosing.  Our most popular meal plan is "The 8".  Students are given eight meals per week plus $425 flex money.  This option is the safest for a new student so that they get accustomed to how meal plans work.

Are students required to have a meal plan?

If you are living on campus (excluding University Commons Apartments), you are required to have a meal plan. Since University Commons Apartments do have a kitchen that allows the students to cook for themselves.

What is the Housing waitlist policy?
Click here for more info.

Can I cancel my housing contract?

The University reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, and the residents may be required to move upon notice, or if the housing department determines that the continued residency of the student would pose a danger to life, health, or general well-being of the residential community. Violation of terms of the contract requiring the termination by the University will result in payment of 100% of the value of the contract. A resident may be required to seek professional counseling on campus as part of an agreement to continue occupancy. If you do not check into your assigned space by the first Friday of class, the University may, at its discretion terminate this contract and charged according to the cancellation terms below.  Please review your contract for more detailed information on the cancellation policy. In the Terms and Conditions on the online contract that each student signs before moving in, it states that if the student breaks their contract early for any reason besides medical, then they will be responsible for 50% of their remaining housing balance. If they are cancelling for any reason other than medical and want out of the charges, the student can fill out a Review Board Form located in the Housing office. The Review Board meets every Tuesday and Friday to discuss appeals that have been brought to their attention. If the cancellation reason is medical, the UCO Housing and Dining office as well as the hall the student is a resident of, will need documentation from doctors and a written letter explaining what is wrong and why they need out of their contract.  At that time the Housing office will allow you to move out.

How do I cancel my housing Contract?

Contact your Hall Director to schedule an appointment to talk to her/him for the cancellation policy, procedure, paperwork and the calculation cost. Your Hall Director will also set up an appointment with your RA to walk through your room and for you to turn in your room key. 

What do we have to do, if my friend and I want to room up together?

When filling out your application online please note who you would like your roommate to be.

Are freshmen required to live on campus?

No, there is no requirement. It is optional.

What can be done if there is roommate conflict?

You need to contact your RA and let them know about the situation. The RA will contact the Hall Director and based on the situation we will try to accommodate your request once the proper procedure is complete.

What is the rate for moving in the middle of the semester?

We will charge you the pro-rated fee calculated on the day that you move in.

What happens if I don't make my payment in time?

You will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan.  Click here for information on a payment plan.

Where can I get information about housing rules and regulations?

Click here for the Housing Rules and Regulations.

Is there internet access in the residence halls?

All of our halls have high-speed wireless internet connections.

What vaccination do I need to live on the housing?

No vaccination is required. However, for your safety we recommend the Meningococcal Vaccine.

What do I need to bring when I move on to campus or what should I leave at home?

Click here for a full list of items to bring and not to bring.

Can I see a room during the year while students are on campus?

You can see a room any time of year by checking out our 360˚ Room Tours by clicking here.

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