Current Residents

This section of the website has been developed for our current residents. Read on for current news and information about University Housing!

Email and Other Communications: The Department of University Housing will communicate with students via e-mail as much as possible. Check your UCO e-mail account regularly! Follow this link to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

Housing Registration: Students already living in the residence hall during fall semester are signed up through spring semester and do not have to participate in spring term sign-up.
For those students who are registering for housing, follow these simple steps:

1.  Log into your UCONNECT
2.  Select the MyHousing tab and log in using your UCOnnect username and password
3.  Select the application tab and choose the correct Academic Year term
4.  Confirm your personal and contact information. If you find any changes, you may update them in your UCOnnect School Services tab
5.  Looking for a roommate?? Complete the profile questions to find a possible match.

Please note that accepting a potential roommate does not automatically place you with that person. You must confirm the room that they have chosen has openings and both students must select a bed in that room. Every student must fill out a contract and choose a room. e.g. Resident 1 will choose MUH-112-A and Resident 2 will choose MUH-112-B
6.  Under the room application choose room selection to search for a room.  Select your desired hall under the location drop down.  Click search to see which rooms are available.  Select your room and click reserve room.
7.  Next choose a meal plan and click continue.
8.  It will then prompt you on how to pay your advance payment within seven days.
9. You will now be asked to sign your contract and confirm that you have read the terms and conditions.  You will also sign acknowledging you understand that you are signing an annual contract, August through May.
10. Review your information under the confirmation section and select continue.
11.  Your application status should now show complete.

Room Change Information: Change is good! Room changes are happening every month now.  Check with the Housing and Dining office for information on the room change, hall transfer and private room request processes.

Need more information? Click here for Forms and Documents

Want information on getting involved?

Interested in getting involved on campus through Housing and Dining?  Click the link below for more information.

Housing Activities Council (HAC) & National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)