UCO Budget Process

  • Each institution of higher education presents a list of fixed costs and budget priorities to the State Regents in September.
  • Universities submit student fee increase requests for consideration by the State Regents in October.
  • State Regents present higher education's funding and fee requests to the legislature in February based on consolidated system budget needs.
  • State Legislature appropriates funds to various agencies. Adjournment is last Friday in May.
  • Legislative process monitored. Internal funding scenarios are compiled and updated throughout the process.
  • Budget Office distributes budget materials in March. Budget meetings are held in early spring to review requests and other issues.
  • State Regents allocate funds to the universities based on budget needs.
  • Budget Office finalizes departmental budgets and prepares information for Executive Committee and University Regents.
  • State and University Boards of Regents meet to approve operating at June meetings.