Moving Office Furniture

The Physical Plant will provide boxes for packing. All boxes will be picked up by the Physical Plant at the end of the move. If boxes are missing, it will be the department's responsibility to pay for the replacement boxes. Please have a Building Captain create a work order and specify how many boxes are needed and where they are to be delivered to and the Setup/Recycling staff will deliver them to you.

Remove all items on furniture. Desktops and freestanding shelves should be cleared. This should be done before the Physical Plant staff arrives. Vertical file cabinets do not need to be emptied but horizontal cabinets do. The Physical Plant staff will advise if drawers or file cabinets should be emptied. Items should be boxed if the desk will be unsecured or left overnight before being moved back. Please label all boxes with room numbers that they will be returned to.

All computer/printer cables should be disconnected. after your move, you will need to reconnect your computer.

All personal items should be removed before Physical Plant staff arrives.

If you feel you are unable to pack your area in the time allotted or if you have specific questions or concerns regarding your move, please contact the work order desk at 974-2247.

Thank you for your cooperation.