Surplus Property Services

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  • eBay auctions of surplus property - Visit ucosurplus on eBay


UCO is recognized as an eBay Power Seller eBay PowerSeller by eBay.  Our eBay Seller ID is ucosurplus.

UCO property which is obsolete or excess to the needs of a department or the University and for which no reutilization opportunity exists on campus may be sold at auction in a public forum such as eBay.  The owning department receives a share of the proceeds from a successful sale.

eBay auctions of surplus UCO property are open to all faculty, staff, and students.  You must be a registered eBay bidder in order to participate in the auctions.

Click on the following link to view items currently offered for sale on eBay by ucosurplus.

Surplus Property Disposition Form
(Use this form to request the disposal/removal of surplus property from your department or work area.)