Frequently Asked Questions

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Central Receiving:

Where is Central Receiving located?
Central Receiving is located in the Physical Plant building on the north end of campus directly west of the baseball field. Receiving hours are 8:00am to 1:00pm. Monday through Friday.

I am expecting a shipment. When will it be delivered to the department?
Our goal is to deliver all items within 36 hours after receipt at Central Receiving. Normally all items are delivered the same day they are received. You can always call Central Receiving at 974-2981 to check on the status of an item.

I have to return an item to a vendor. How do I do this?
The sending department is responsible for packing and addressing the item for shipment. Call Central Receiving at 974-2491 for package pickup. Your package will be sent UPS Ground and your department account charged accordingly.

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Surplus Property:

Where can I view surplus property?
The Surplus Property Showroom is located in the Physical Plant building on the north end of campus. Surplus property can be viewed during normal business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call the Surplus Property Coordinator at 974-2931 to inquire about specific items or to make an appointment to visit the showroom.

How do I get rid of an item of equipment that is broken or no longer needed?
All University property must be disposed of through the surplus property disposition process. Complete the "Disposition of Surplus Property" form and submit as directed. Your surplus property will be scheduled for pickup.

How do I acquire a surplus item of University property for my personal use?
University property is State property. Accordingly, it cannot be given away, donated, or sold to individuals including UCO Faculty, Staff and students. Most UCO surplus property is transferred to Oklahoma State Surplus where it is sold at public auction. Details are available from the Manager of Inventory & Receiving. Additionally, UCO conducts quarterly or more frequent auctions of its surplus items on eBay. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to bid on items listed at ucosurplus on eBay.

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Inventory Control:

Why isn't there an inventory tag on my computer?
The inventory threshold for UCO property and equipment is $2,500. Unless your computer costs $2,500 or more it will not be formally tracked via the University's fixed assets inventory control system.

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