Upcoming Projects 

College of Business
College of Education
College of Fine Arts & Design
College of Math and Science
College of Liberal Arts
Capital Projects
College of Business: 
  • Student Advisor Suite- Divide existing space to accommodate offices. Construction will start early July. Project budget is $250,000

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College of Education:

  • P.E., Kinesiology, and Safety Lab Building- We need to formalize the selected site as part of the campus master plan.

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College of Fine Art & Design:

  • Music Building Offices- The Music Department has requested office modifications. The project schedule and budget are to be forthcoming. The requests were received after our summer project deadline and will move into the queue after the design of other summer projects are complete.
  • Art Building Kiln Space Air Quality Improvement- The Art Department has identified this space as being in need of improved air quality.
  • Feasibility for Building on Site of Storage Barn- The dean’s office has identified the long term potential of using this site for a mixed purpose building that may be occupied by multiple tenants.
  • CTL Radke Recital Hall- The acoustics of the room need to be studied and modified to allow for more flexibility in performances.

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College of Math & Science:

  • Lab Building- Planning for shared use facility with Forensic Science. Need to formalize identified site on campus master plan.
  • High Speed Computational Center- College and A&E Services need to discuss project status.
  • Selman Lab- College and A&E Services need to discuss what projects will have priority and funding.

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College of Liberal Arts:

  • Communications, Room 210- Remover existing wood paneling and paint wall. Project budget: TBD. Start date: TBD.
  • Communications, Room 210/Mail Room Improvements- Remove existing borrowed light and wall between COM 210 and the mail room. Project budget: TBD. Start date: TBD.

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Capital Projects: