Active Projects (revised 7/11/2014) 

Business Building
College of Education
College of Fine Arts & Design
College of Math and Science
College of Liberal Arts
Construction Projects
Capital Projects
Physical Plant Projects

A&E Services

College of Business:

  • Room 221 Boardroom-Type Classroom renovations- Improve finishes and select furnishing to accommodate the Boardroom Type Classroom needs. Project budget is $100,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for Mid-August completion.  
  • Room 223 and 225, Dean's Suite- Divide existing space to accommodate 4 offices, storage and a reception area. Select new finishes and furniture. Project budget is $200,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for early August completion.

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College of Education:

  • Library Suite 124 Offices- Storage Room 131 to be modified into two offices. Construction is underway and scheduled to be complete by 7/31/2014, with furniture istall the 1st week of August. Total Project Budget: $50,000.
  • Library Room 163, Endoscopy Sink- Counter and Sink added to room 163. Total Project Budget: $30,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for late July complete.
  • Education Room 309- Classroom 309 to be subdivided into small observation rooms at the perimeter of the large space. Total project budget: $125,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for late July completion.
  • Education Room 213A- Rearrange existing and order new furniture to accomodate user needs. Scheduled for August completion.

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College of Fine Art & Design:

  • Mitchell Hall Backstage Facility- Elliott + has completed the feasibility study of the facility. They have started the schematic design phase, to be completed by October 2014. A contract for professional services has been issued.on. Project Budget: $5,000,000. Construction anticipated beginning: Summer 2015.
  • Art Building, Rooms 116 & 118- Project consists of new ceiling, lighting, & finishes for the two classrooms. Total Project Budget: $80,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for late July completion.
  • Art Building Master Planning- Engineering proposal received to evaluate heating/cooling systems throughout the building. Working with the college to identify needs and priorities.
  • Mitchell Hall Dimmers- Dimmers are scheduled to be replaced this August.
  • Music Building, Faculty Lounge- Design information provided to the department for their use. Renovation work to be performed by Physical Plant: July 2014.

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College of Math & Science: 

  • Howell Hall, Room 205- Scope of Work: Remodel of Classroom. Project Budget: $60,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for completion prior to fall semester.
  • Howell Hall, Room 222- Scope of Work: Remodel of Classroom. Project Budget: $80,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for completion prior to fall semester.
  • Howell Hall, Labs 310 & 315- Scope of Work: Remodel of Labs. Work in labs 315 and 310 will take place during summer and fall of 2014, respectively. Project Budget: $260,000. Casework needs to be ordered. Construction is underway. Scheduled for completion prior to fall semester.
  • Coyner Health Science, Rooms 124 & 126- Status: Installation of stand-alone Headwalls is being coordinated through Physical Plant.

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College of Liberal Arts: 

  • Pegasus Theater Phase I- The scope of work includes renovation of existing theater and addition of support space. Consultant selection is underway. Project Budget: $2,500,000.
  • Liberal Art Building, 202K Work Break Room- This project calls for replacement of existing wall and cabinet improvements for ADA compliance. Approximate budget is $50,000. Construction is underway. Scheduled for late July completion.
  • Liberal Arts Building, Standard Furniture Selection- Identify and establish standard classroom furnishing.Selecting classroom furniture for LAR 225.

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Construction Projects:

  • Boathouse- Construction underway, all permits are in place. Scheduled completion is late March 2015. Project Budget is $6,836,00. 
  • Mitchell Hall- See College of Fine Arts and Design notes
  • Pegasus Theater- See College of Liberal Arts notes
  • ME Building- Nothing new to report.
  • Olympic Strength Plaza- Ready for the dedication of Endeavor Games in June.
  • Scoreboard- Bond Issue cannot be issued for $500K.
    • Bond Counsel has included the UCO request for bond issue
    • Issue of Bonds will be delayed until June/July
    • $755K+- will be available to begin the contract with Daktronics
    • Completion is to be prior to 1st home game this fall
  • Housing- Site work well underway.
    • Initial contract amount $21,575,000.
    • Flintco is installing piers and footings
    • VE items have been evaluated and pertinent items accepted for a credit equal to $347,779.00.
    • Acceptance of the Fourth Floor Alternate was approved and a contract amendment has been issued for a PO increase of $1.597M+-
    • A CO has been issued for to Flintco for Alernate #7, Fourth Floor
    • A CO is to be issued for the deduct costs based upon the accepted VE items. June RUSO information agenda item is required for the CO notice. Notice was given for CO No. 1: requesting funding for acceptance of Alternate #7, Fourth Floor.
  • Old North- Development underway, seismic study and design to move forward.
    • Current Budget to be set up for $600-700K to allow for fees for seismic plus Miles design fees for Phase III to move forward quickly
    • $1M Funds noted at April RUSO. Transfer into project org is complete.
    • Miles Contract Amendment has been executed and a PO has been issued for design and construction admin services. 
    • Timing for DD’s is June 2014 to meet with selection of CMR (June/July 2014) and to begin CD’s (+-December 2014) for final pricing and CMR contract Jan/Feb 2015)
    • Intent to complete (or be significantly underway) for celebrations Dec 2015, depending upon funding availability
    • CMR RFQ proposals are in review by the Selection Committee and the CMR selection process is underway.
  • Met with Strutural Engineer to discuss Seismic studies-
    • $+-30K for ZFI to do a walk thru of 10 buildings most at risk. A PO has been issued for a seismic study to include: Old North, Evans Hall, Thatcher Hall, Wantland Hall, Mitchell Hall, Nigh University Center (north building), Chambers Library (south building), Liberal Arts building, HES building, and ACM@UCO (in Oklahoma City). This is visual assessment, classification, and report is scheduled to be completed by the end of July.
    • This review can establish a baseline of information for future reference
    • Will require 6-8 months for receipt of final reports
    • UCO PP/AES will continue evaluation of the remaining campus buildings over the coming FY
    • Buildings will not meet codes and Institution will have to determine how to respond to the report data
  • Softball Phase II- working with Athletics architect
    • Sparks Architects to complete contract documents for bid during October 2014
    • Award late November 2014 with NTP mid-January 2015 for completion February/March 2016
  • Athletics Master Plan Projects- working with Athletic Department to define options for a Sports Performance Facility and a multi-sport Indoor Practice Facility
  • Summer Projects- Transportation and Parking. All work will be done in sections during the summer so portions of lots will remain open for use.
    • Parking lots 6, PO issued for Phase I repairs, work will be completed prior to start of classes.  Work will be coordinated with Liberty Fest.  Work included Repairs to large cracks and improvements to ADA parking areas and access, sealcoat overlay and pavement markings.
    • Parking lots 17/18, PO issued for Phase I repairs, work will be completed prior to start of classes.  Work includes repairs to large cracks and improvements to ADA parking at MCS Building and Coyner Building, improvements to the west entry/exit, pavement repairs, sealcoat overlay and pavement markings to meet the new parking lot layout.
    • Parking lots 26/27/28, PO issued for Phase I repairs.  Work includes major improvements to ADA parking at Education Building, drainage repairs, crack repairs, sealcoat overlay and pavement markings.
    • Additional small projects have been requested. Some have been notified that the work cannot be accomplished by August 2014 and will be scheduled for Summer 2015

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Capital Projects:

  • Campus roofs- buildings currently underway
    • Mass Communications - in progress
    • Evans Hall - 99% complete
    • Education Building - begins 7/12
    • Music Building - 20% complete
    • Human Environmental Sciences - 95% complete
  • Campus lighting- new light poles will be installed along University west of Admin and on Ayers north of the library. Work is underway.
  • Phase II of building signage to be installed- installation underway.
  • Central Plant- Investigating with JCI for options to Central Plant improvements. Preparation of cost proposals for Performance Contracts for Housing Commons and Controls installation to new Housing.
  • JCI is preparing cost proposals for a new satellite chiller plant to serve the SW section of campus as an option to a 4th chiller at Central Plant.
  • Proposals are being generated to place individual utility meters on each building. This will enable to accurately track energy consumption.
  • Ayers - crosswalk lighting installation is scheduled for the next 2 weeks.

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Physical Plant:

  • Administration Building-
    • Replace 2nd floor ceiling tile to match the existing tile on the first floor- $9000. Tiles replaced. Waiting on Simplex to replace thiers.
    • Install an additional electrical panel to north side of building. To allow for more dedicated circuits- Most of these circuits will be used for personal space heaters. Project to begin this summer $11000.
    • Replace carpet in President’s Office common area- Waiting on selection and scheduling. Carpet ordered
  • Chambers Library-
    • North Section- Convert the existing lights to LED lights. The existing ballasts will no longer be manufactured. Project to be completed over the next four years
  • Education Building-
    • Replace tile floors on the 2nd and 3rd floor- This project has been put on hold for now.
  • Music Building-
    • Replace large multi-station sink- Replace the sinks in the first floor. Mens and Womens Restrooms with more efficient fixtures
  • Thatcher Hall-
    • Remodel Room 314- Remove existing bathroom area and replace with a storage area. Active Project - work being done by KBR. Oversight by the Physical Plant.
  • Wantland Hall-
    • Refinish the wooden playing surface- This is an annual project. Work to be complete this summer.
  • Wellness Center-
    • Replace carpet in room 216- Funded by the Physical Plant. Work scheduled for September at the request of the Wellness Center.
  • Wantland Stadium-
    • Replace goal posts- Goals to be shipped May 10th. Goals are on site and work is being scheduled.
  • Sports and Recreation Fields-
    • Baseball Field- The outfield fence was to be replaced this summer with shared funds. Work in progress
  • Campus-
    • Clock System- RUSO Board has okayed the project. Final numbers are being put together.
    • Light poles on Ayers -project started.