Active Projects (revised 10/01/2014) 

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A&E Services:

College of Business:

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College of Education:

  • Education Room 213A - Rearrange existing and order new furniture to accommodate user needs.

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College of Fine Art & Design:

  • Mitchell Hall Backstage Facility - Elliot has completed the schematic design.
  • Art Building Master Planning - Engineering proposal received to evaluate heating/cooling systems throughout the building. Working with the college to identify needs and priorities.
  • Mitchell Hall Dimmers - Dimmer installation timeline to be determined by CFAD.
  • Music Building, Faculty Lounge - Design information provided to the department for their use. Renovation work to be performed by Physical Plant: July 2014.

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College of Math & Science: 

  • Howell Hall, Labs 310 & 315 - Scope of Work: Remodel of Labs. Work in labs 315 and 310 will take place during summer and fall of 2014, respectively. Project Budget: $260,000. Casework needs to be ordered. Construction is underway; 315 is complete and 310 is underway.

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College of Liberal Arts: 

  • Pegasus Theater Phase I - The scope of work includes renovation of existing theater and addition of support space. Consultant selection is underway. Project Budget: $2,500,000.

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Construction Projects:

  • Boathouse - Construction underway, all permits are in place. Scheduled completion is late March 2015. Project Budget is $6,836,00. 
  • Mitchell Hall - See College of Fine Arts and Design notes.
  • Pegasus Theater - See College of Liberal Arts notes.
  • ME Building - Lease negotiations underway.
  • Housing - Building structural frame is nearing completion.
    • The current construction contract amount is $22,814,221 based upon the Base Bid plus Change Orders #1 and 2.
    • Flintco is focused on finishing structural concrete work:  third floor roof/fourth floor.
    • Concrete work will be completed in the next two weeks and those crews will begin leaving the site.
    • Exterior wall framing has begun and interior wall framing to begin soon. 
    • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems installation has begun.
    • Hydronic underground chilled water and hot water piping infrastructure to Central Plant loop will start soon.
    • Additional proposals are under consideration for modifications to the scope of work and Charge Order #3 is in progress.
    • The overall project schedule still indicates work to be completed June 15, 2015.
  • Old North Restoration Phase III - Seismic study and design are underway.
    • Project Architect:  Miles Associates, Inc.
    • Construction Manager at Risk:  CMS Willowbrook (CMSW)
    • Total project budget:  $7 to 8 million. 
    • Project schedule:
      • 100% Design Development Documents:  August 2014 (Received)
      • Early Site Package:  October 2014 - January 2015
      • 50% Contract Documents:  November 2014
      • 95% Contract Documents:  December 2014
      • Hard Cost Pricing from CMSW:  December 2014
      • 100% Contract Documents & Bidding:  January 2015
      • Intent to achieve Substantial Completion of construction for 125th UCO Anniversary celebrations late December 2015.
      • Final Completion of construction is anticipated late February 2016.
  • Met with Structural Engineer to discuss Seismic studies -
    • $+-30K for ZFI to do a walk thru of 10 buildings most at risk. A PO has been issued for a seismic study to include: Old North, Evans Hall, Thatcher Hall, Wantland Hall, Mitchell Hall, Nigh University Center (north building), Chambers Library (south building), Liberal Arts building, HES building, and ACM@UCO (in Oklahoma City). This is visual assessment, classification, and report is scheduled to be completed by the end of July.
    • This review can establish a baseline of information for future reference.
    • Will require 6-8 months for receipt of final reports.
    • UCO PP/AES will continue evaluation of the remaining campus buildings over the coming FY.
    • Buildings will not meet codes and Institution will have to determine how to respond to the report data.
  • Softball Phase II - Sparks & Reed in design phase.  Construction scheduled to begin after 2015 season.
  • Athletics Master Plan Projects - Sparks & Reed to provide final draft in October of 2014.

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Capital Projects:

  • Central Plant - Investigating with JCI for options to Central Plant improvements. Preparation of cost proposals for Performance Contracts for Housing Commons and Controls installation to new Housing.
  • JCI is preparing cost proposals for a new satellite chiller plant to serve the SW section of campus as an option to a 4th chiller at Central Plant.
  • Proposals are being generated to place individual utility meters on each building. This will enable to accurately track energy consumption.

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Physical Plant:

  • Administration Building -
    • Replace 2nd floor ceiling tile to match the existing tile on the first floor- $9000. Tiles replaced. Waiting on Simplex to replace theirs.
    • Install an additional electrical panel to north side of building. To allow for more dedicated circuits- Most of these circuits will be used for personal space heaters. Project to begin this summer $11000.
    • Replace carpet in President’s Office common area- Waiting on selection and scheduling. Carpet ordered.
  • Chambers Library -
    • North Section- Convert the existing lights to LED lights. The existing ballasts will no longer be manufactured. Project to be completed over the next four years.
  • Education Building -
    • Replace tile floors on the 2nd and 3rd floor- This project has been put on hold for now.
  • Music Building -
    • Replace large multi-station sink- Replace the sinks in the first floor. Men's and Women's Restrooms with more efficient fixtures.
  • Thatcher Hall-
    • Remodel Room 314- Remove existing bathroom area and replace with a storage area. Active Project - work being done by KBR. Oversight by the Physical Plant.
  • Wantland Hall -
    • Refinish the wooden playing surface- This is an annual project. Work to be complete this summer.
  • Wellness Center -
    • Replace carpet in room 216- Funded by the Physical Plant. Work scheduled for September at the request of the Wellness Center
  • Sports and Recreation Fields -
    • Baseball Field- The outfield fence was to be replaced this summer with shared funds. Work in progress.
  • Campus -
    • Clock System - RUSO Board has okayed the project. Final numbers are being put together.