Mail Delivery Time       

Mail Delivered By 3:00 pm daily M-F

Package Pick up Until 4:30 pm             

Use Your Complete Address

On the ticket attached to your mailbox key is your complete, correct address.  In order for your mail to reach you quickly and efficiently you must adhere to this address format.  Do not change anything about your address or leave any part of it out.

How Much Will It Cost To Mail This

Would like to know how much it will cost to mail something? You will need to know the size, shape, weight and zip code of what you will be inquiring about.  You can also visit the Broncho Stamp-n-Post located on the first floor of the Nigh University Center and we will be glad to help you with your mailing needs!

We Can Help You

974-2732 OR 974-2735

An Important Responsibility...

You probably wouldn't think that having a mailbox is a significant responsibility but it is!  It will require your trustworthiness to:

  • Check your mailbox on a timely basis
  • Safeguard your key
  • Pick up your packages
  • Contact us if you move from one housing area to another
  • Fill out a "Change of Address" card and turn in your key whenever you leave

Check your Mailbox on a Timely Basis

It is important that you check your mailbox frequently even if you aren't expecting mail from anyone.  At various intervals during the semester, we pass information along to you through your box.  Campus offices may be trying to contact you by mailing to your box as well.

Safeguard your Key

Use your key to retrieve your mail from your mailbox.  Please don't frequently ask our clerks to check your box for mail.  If for some reason you have misplaced your key, stop by the Broncho Stamp-n-Post and we will be glad to furnish you with another one.  There will be $10.00 charge for the duplicate key.

Pick Up your Packages

Whenever you receive a package or something that will not fit in your mailbox, we will notify you by E-mail, or placing a card in your box.  It will be a blue or yellow card or an orange ticket.  We require you to bring that card with you in trade for your item.  If you are expecting an accountable item and wish to locate it, please bring the shipment number and know what service is expected to deliver it. Calling frequently to check on your package will not expedite its delivery.  Please be patient and wait for us to notify you.

Contact Us if you Move to Another Housing Area

We try to assign mailboxes as close to the living areas as possible.  If you move from one building to another, we ask that you visit us at the Broncho Stamp-n-Post for a mailbox reassignment.  Not doing so could restrict the new tenant from that opportunity.

Fill out a "Change of Address" Card and Turn in your Key

When you decide to move from the UCO campus, visit the Broncho Stamp-n-Post in order to fill out a forwarding card and turn in your mailbox key.  Even if you don't think we will receive any mail for you after you leave, remember that there might be a W-2 form scheduled to be mailed here in January.  Mail forwarding requested by the change of address card will be in effect for 6 months.  Use that time to update your address information with your mailers.  Unfortunately, if we don't have your new address on file, we are required to return the mail to the sender.