Classes of Mail & Special Services

We offer the following methods of mailing and special services at the Campus Mail Services department:

  • USPS Express Mail
  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Post
  • Bulk Business Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Return Receipt
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Insurance
  • Business Reply Mail

Postage Mandate

Due to an official mandate by the State of Oklahoma to keep our postage costs to a minimum, if you do not indicate your choice to us, we will choose the most inexpensive method of mailing your correspondence and packages.

Save  Save  Save  Save

Just a few small changes can result in postage savings

  • Folding a sheet of paper in half will change the mailpiece from a "flat" sized piece to a "letter" sized piece and save you at least 44 cents.
  • If your letter is over 1/4" thick trifolded, unfold to the size of 1/2 sheet of paper and mail in a larger envelope up to 6-1/8" X 11-1/2" in size.  This will save you at least 44 cents.
  • Attaching a paper clip or a binder clip to several pieces of paper can change your mail piece from a "flat" sized piece to a "package" piece.  This will add at least 83 cents to your postage cost. 

Fountain at Old North

Campus Mail

All campus mail (department to department mail) collected on mail runs or received at the Campus Mail Services window will normally be delivered to the appropriate campus address the following working day.

We accept campus mail in almost any form.  When using an envelope for mailing campus mail, we do ask that you do not put it in stationery envelopes that are intended for outgoing mail.  Please use envelopes intended for campus mailing and be sure that any previous addresses have been marked out to avoid errors in delivery.

All campus mail should include the following in the address:

  1. First and last name of the addressee
  2. Department name
  3. Box number (found in the campus directory)

When sending mailings campus wide, please rubber band all like box numbers together.  This will assist us in a speedy and accurate distribution of your mail. 

Outgoing Mail

Outbound mail (except bulk business mail) collected on mail runs or received at the window of the Campus Mail Services Department will be metered and will leave the campus at 3:45 pm that same day.

If you are planning on mailing large amounts (thousands) in the late afternoon, they will be processed the following working day.  If you have any questions about this schedule, please call x2733 to avoid disappointments and delays. 

Mailpiece Design

Remember that your mail piece may be the first thing the receiver sees representing UCO.  Try to convey a professional image of the University.  Tri-fold single paper piece mailings are not recommended.  They get stuck in postal equipment, tear and, therefore waste your postage dollars.  Staples in mail pieces are not permitted by the USPS.

All outgoing mail must contain a UCO return address with UCO listed before your departmental name.  It must contain the physical address of the university in order to comply with our postage meter regulations.

It is important that you have all stationery envelopes approved to meet USPS mail piece design regulations before printing.  This will save you time and expense of reprint or returns. 

Sorting Mail

Campus mail, stamped outgoing mail, mail requiring postage, student or international mail should be separated and each grouped and rubber banded together.

There is no need to put your first class letter size mail in zip code order.  Our mail processing equipment will seal them automatically.  Please present your envelopes with the flaps down.  However, if you are mailing in larger envelopes (called "flats"), bulk business mail, or letters in odd shaped envelopes (i.e., invitations) you will need to seal them before sending them to us.  Please do not use envelopes with clasps as they can damage postal equipment and cost you more to be handled by hand at the USPS.  They cannot be put on the postal equipment.  Double post cards must be taped or tabbed shut. 

Student Mail

Students living in West and Murdaugh halls receive their mail through private mail boxes located at the Broncho Stamp-N-Post in the Nigh University Center.  Their address should contain the letters PMB.  Campus departments are not required to pay postage on student mail going to West or Murdaugh halls.

Mail going to students living in the University Commons, Suites or Central Plaza is delivered by our Campus Mail Services postal carrier.  Their address should contain an apartment box number.  Campus departments are not required to pay postage on student mail going to the University Commons, Suites, or Central Plaza. 

Business Reply Mail (Postage Paid Mail)

Business Reply Mail can be used but is handled differently than other mail.  The USPS charges us a first class postage rate + a 3 cent handling charge for this type of mail.

You may have these printed to accommodate your mailing but there are certain guidelines you will have to follow.  Please contact us for what we call a "proof" business reply envelope.