Broncho reading his mail A BULK BUSINESS MAILING must consist of at least 200 pieces or more of identical mail.  These mailings cannot consist of mail of a personal nature, examples being--financial information, checks or billing statements.  Bulk business mail is referred to as "advertisement" mail.  This type of mailing is less expensive but is a slower form of mailing.  With a little preplanning, though, you will probably save more than 1/2 in postage costs over first class rates.

Please follow these procedures when preparing your bulk mailings:

  • When planning a bulk mailing, contact Marilyn at X2733 first, for instructions and to get the correct permit imprint information for your mailpiece.  Every bulk mailing is different and is handled in a variety of ways.  You will need to get mail piece design approval and be given an approximate preparation time frame so that your mail will not be delayed and disappointments may be avoided.
  • If using envelopes for your mailing, they must be sealed.  Mailpieces must contain the UCO return address information.
  • Permit imprint mailpieces cannot be mailed in any other way other than in a bulk business mailing (i.e., campus mail, mailings under 200 pieces, in an envelope belonging to UCO or in an envelope owned by an outside source) without marking through the imprint or covering it up.  Misuse of the permit imprint could cause UCO to lose this mailing privilege.