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Address Correction

Please remember that the Campus Mail Services department cannot be held responsible for incorrect addresses resulting in incorrect delivery of mail.  If someone changes departments or box numbers they can expect a delay of their mail.  If it is campus mail, there are numerous databases on campus that create addresses for this type of mail.  If you see that the address is incorrect for you, you will need to contact the department that created the mailpiece and ask them to change your address. The main database of addresses should be corrected through the Enrollment Services office.  If you are responsible for distributing departmental mail, please reroute the mail by writing the correct box number of the mailpiece and place it in with your outgoing mail.

Personal Mail

The Campus Mail Services should not be used as a pick up and delivery system for your personal mail.  If we notice that you have used your campus address as your "personal address", we will ask you to change it to your home address.  If you receive a package and we recognize it to be of a personal nature, we will call you and ask you to come to the office and pick it up.