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Student Support Services: Faculty

Welcome to the faculty page!

Here at SSS, it takes a whole support system to graduate a participant. Faculty interaction is vital to the student's academic career inside and outside of the classroom. Our population of first generation (neither parent has a four year degree) and/or low income student will benefit greatly from the contact with faculty. This page is designed for the use of the instructor/professor to post midterm grade reports and learn more about becoming a faculty mentor.

Midterm Grade Reports

During the middle of each semester, our program contacts the professor/instructor of our participants via campus mail or our website to post grades, attendance, and comprehension of the course material thus far in the semester. If the student is displaying less than average performance in the course, the student is contacted to come into the office to set up tutoring, review time management, and address study skills. It is important that we receive responses from the faculty. Click here for the form.

Faculty Mentors

Establishing a relationship with the professors not only assists the student with networking and course material, but also helps the faculty. Professors/Instructors are also able to build tenure/resumes, provide vital insight to the field of new and future talent, and become an important part of a student's life.

The faculty mentor group focuses on participants with 60+ credit hours and indicates interest in academic areas for future employment, recommendations, and or undergraduate research. Click here for the form.

Interested in putting on an interactive workshop for our program?

Send us an email.

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