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Faculty and Student RCSA Presentation Grant (up to $500)

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NOTE: The RCSA Presentation Grant funds have been expended for the current fiscal year.  Awards will be available again from 01st July 2015.  We hope you will apply again for future opportunities.  If the Office of Research & Grants can be of further assistance to you and your research, scholarly and creative activities at UCO, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following are the requirements of this grant program:


Click here if using UCO's Electronic Travel Application ~ Faculty Use Only. Students please use the application form in the link above.


Additional Information: The RCSA Presentation Grant Program supports air travel for faculty or students to present their research, creative & scholarly activities at professional meetings and conferences.
PDF: 2007-2012 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Faculty
PDF: 2007-2012 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Student

The OR&G has awarded all funds for the 2014 Faculty and Student RCSA Presentation Grant Program.
Please be sure to visit our website in July 2014 for the next round of applications.

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