Faculty RCSA Presentation Grant (up to $500)

~Faculty Only Click here for Application  Faculty please use this application when applying for your RCSA Presentation Grant Application. Faculty, if you have questions, please call the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs at 974-3492.

~Students Only
Please contact the Office of High Impact Practices at 974-5086 or ohip@uco.edu for more information, or click Here for application.

The following are the requirements of this grant program:

·         This grant program is intended as air travel support for presentations and not for conducting research or attending conferences.

·         Faculty may apply at any time and will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis and can receive only one award per academic year. Please note that funding is available to first authors only.

·         Faculty must have, in hand, a written acceptance for them to formally present some type of research, creative or scholarly activity in a legitimate venue.

·         The faculty member must commit to submitting an abstract/poster and participating in Oklahoma Research Day upon which the support of the ORSP is acknowledged.

·         The maximum approved request will be up to $500 which must be used for air travel only during the current academic year.

·         Submit the RCSA Faculty Presentation Grant Application Form.

·         Airfare must be a direct purchase by the University with tickets booked through the Travel Office. All other bookings will be denied.



Additional Information: The RCSA Presentation Grant Program supports air travel for faculty or students to present their research, creative & scholarly activities at professional meetings and conferences.
PDF: 2012-13 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Faculty
PDF: 2012-13 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Student

The OR&G has awarded all funds for the 2014 Faculty and Student RCSA Presentation Grant Program.
Please be sure to visit our website in July 2014 for the next round of applications.